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Meet The Press: Texas Tech

Nov. 24, 2009

Press Conference

Head Coach Art Briles

Opening statement:
"Happy Thanksgiving to everybody first and foremost. We're getting ready for the game this week against a very good Texas Tech football team. The thing that's a little overlooked is that everyone knows how good they are on offense, but they're a really good defensive team and they have been for the last three or four years. We know that we really have our work cut out for us on both sides of the ball because when they're on offense and they're hot and they're rolling, they're really, really good; and they've been doing what they do for a while and they do it really well so we have a lot of respect for them as a program."

On what this game means to the seniors...
"It means a lot, it meant a lot to us for them. Of course individually I'm sure it means different things to each one of them, but collectively it's their last chance to represent themselves and this university and our football program so that in itself is enough."

On the excitement for playing at Cowboy's Stadium...
"It's a great stadium, a great venue and for our fans its very convenient being in the Metroplex. It's going to allow some of our fans to get to the game that otherwise might not have been able to, but for me personally it's an opportunity to represent this university and have a good chance to beat Texas Tech, and that's what I'm concentrating on."

On this week's game being Baylor's "bowl game"...
"You know, it is because it's our last game and so we realize we don't have anything else after this. So we'll do a few things practice wise to simulate a little bit of a bowl preparation week so that's where that kind of ties in."

Senior Linebacker Joe Pawelek

On this being the last game of his career here at Baylor...
"It's kind of crazy. A group of seniors sat around after the game last Saturday thinking about this last week and this last game and also reflecting back on our time here. It just goes so fast and we've definitely had some great experiences and friendships that we'll be able to carry for the rest of our lives."

On difficulty of being motivated and having "nothing to play for this week"...
"It is hard just seeing it all come down to a close and knowing that this is the last game, but I think that these kinds of games really test your character. Whenever things aren't perfect, what kind of guy are you going to be? Hopefully from a seniors perspective and all of those guys coming back to work today, we don't want to leave that legacy of this group of guys when it got rough they just turned it in."

Senior Center J.D. Walton

On this being his last Baylor game...
"It is coming to a halt in a hurry. We have had a blast the last four years I have been here. I had a great time; all the camaraderie with the guys and just having a blast. (I have) mixed emotions about the last game, so it will be fun. The real world is coming on in a hurry. (I) have to go find a job. It is just going to be sad leaving the family we have built here at Baylor, but you know I will always be part of the family and be able to come back whenever I want, so it will be exciting and it has been a blast here."

On having motivation this week...
"We want to leave out on top with a win and then for the younger guys, get them a win so they have some confidence, a good taste in their mouth when they go into summer workouts, then spring ball and fall camp. Definitely it is going to be a huge game for us. (We) have to get rolling again, get people confident and excited about what is going to go on during the spring."

Freshman Quarterback Nick Florence

On the season...
"I didn't picture any of this happening, but stuff happens and I get thrown into the fire and it has been fun, it's been good. We have one more game to go out on top."

On playing at the new Cowboys Stadium...
"It is going to be fun. I have heard a lot about it. I have seen pictures. I have never been there. It looks like a spaceship from what I have been told. I guess there is nothing like playing football on a space ship. It will be fun, getting a chance to play in Dallas."

On having motivation this week...
"We are playing for a lot. We are playing for Baylor football, for each other and for pride. Unfortunately the bowl is out of the way, but we still have a lot to play for. We are going to go out there and practice hard just like every other week. Nothing is going to change, we are still going to fight hard and go out on top."



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