Meet The Press

Head Coach Art Briles


Opening statement:

"We're excited to go to Lubbock this weekend. It's a great chance for our team to show our growth against a quality university on the national scene with it being nationally televised. From those standpoints we are excited about this weekend."


On having two weeks to prepare:

"When you get into the season you form a routine. You get going and we felt like we were climbing pretty well in our last game. Now we have to get geared back up and get into our routine. Last week we worked out three times and gave the guys a few days off. Emotionally and mentally, it was a good break for us. We had been through about six weeks of pretty tough football. Our guys put a lot of heart and soul into it so we have to sit back and regroup so we will be fresh this weekend."


On going back to Texas Tech after graduating there and coaching three years:

"All of my folks are at Baylor University; that's where I live, where I spend all of my time and energy, with these folks."


On Graham Harrell's effectiveness:

"He has always been a great player. He won one or two state championships in high school. He has done an outstanding job. He's a very accurate, very poised and competitive football player."


On receiver Michael Crabtree:

He is a big physical receiver. He attacks the football, plays with a lot of passion and he plays with a lot of energy. He is an outstanding blocker as well as a great receiver. He is definitely one of the top players in this conference.


On Joe Pawelek:

"He is uncanny. He has a lot of qualities working for him: passion, energy, intelligence, dedication, commitment and good study habits. He understands situations and football is about situations. Joe does a great job of anticipating and that is why he is the way he is."


On having a holiday in the middle of this week:

We have done it different ways since we have been involved in a lot of Thanksgiving games. We have kept them all here before and had a lunch or dinner. What we are going to do this week, since there are no classes Wednesday, we will have a good day working out and studying and then we will bring them back Thursday morning and serve them a little breakfast and workout. That way they can go back to their dorm rooms, rest up or go to a coach's house or go home if they're only a couple of hours away."




Junior Joe Pawelek


On the approach to the last game:

"Coming off a bye week, it's nice to get our legs under us a little bit with another conference game and a Big 12 rival in Texas Tech. It's a huge game for this team and for this program."


On getting a win going into the off-season:

"It would be huge for us against a team like Tech. They've kind of been the program that we're trying to be. The past five to ten years they weren't in the top-10, but they've really worked hard to build a really good program."


Senior Vincent Rhodes


On the last game:

"I would like to look at this game as our bowl game. It's our last opportunity to show the nation what Baylor football really is about and let them know that all the work we did in the off-season wasn't in vain. We really worked towards something. To go out and get this win would really show progression in Baylor football."


On getting a win against a top-10 team:

"It would be the best thing ever to be the top team after our last game. It is their senior day, but it's ours too. It's important for us to really go out on top."


Senior Jason Smith


On the approach to the last game:

"You approach this game as a very winnable game. Every game is determined by four or five plays and we have our goals in the program and it's no different from week one. It's `Let's go win.' What is it going to take for us to get that win? We have to practice that way, sleep that way, think that way and show up Saturday and be the better team. It doesn't start Saturday... it starts today.


On what a win would mean as a senior:

"It would be very nice since I only remember the last one anyway. I want to have a sweet thought about this program whenever I leave. We're about ourselves and what we can control; our swagger, our demeanor and our tempo."




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