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Meet the Press: Football Previews Oklahoma State

 Head Coach Art Briles

On Oklahoma State...
"Big game this week against a very good football team. They have been good for a long time, definitely the last 7 or 8 years since Coach Gundy has been there. They have a great tradition and history. They have done a great job."

"Their system has stayed pretty much the same the last 5 or 6 years. They probably aren't throwing the ball as much this year as they did with Brandon Weeden, [Justin] Blackmon and Dez [Bryant], but their offense is still very good."

On becoming bowl eligible...
"We felt some pressure last week because when you get down there to the end you better seize the moment, and that is what our guys did. That is what is so rewarding for them and for Baylor."

On Nick Florence...
"Nick [Florence] is a once in a lifetime kind of person. It is a privilege to be able to be around people like that. You wonder why people are able to do extraordinary things and then you study them and you realize they do it because they are dedicated, disciplined, they have faith, and they are trustworthy. He is the definition of a leader."

On Senior Day...
"I could talk about each one of them for five minutes. They have all done great things for Baylor University. First of all by getting their degree, but they have also changed the face of Baylor football."

On winning the turnover battle...
"When we won six in a row late last year we won the turnover battle in every single one of those games. We have actually won the turnover battle the last four games, we just couldn't pull a win out against Oklahoma. Once you get going you start to feel like you are going to force a turnover every possession."

On the Big 12 not having a conference championship game...
"I don't think it is an easier path because we still have to play 9 conference games. They have to win 9 to get there and so do we, so I consider it a wash."

 Senior Quarterback Nick Florence

On what this season has meant to him...
"It has meant a lot. Getting to play and getting that opportunity means a lot. All you can ask for is an opportunity, and I'm getting to be a part of it. I know we had higher goals than just a bowl game, but things happen during the season, and for the nation to write us off as a team and then to see the fight that this team has and to fight back has been extraordinary."

On letting himself reflect on his career since it's Senior Day...
"I think it's ok to reflect. Hopefully that brings a little more passion and heart to the seniors playing. We spent a lot of time here. We have done a lot of things. This senior class has been a part of a lot of things at Baylor. It hasn't really hit me yet that it's coming to an end, but I'm sure it will so we have to channel that and funnel that and use it to our advantage as seniors and leading this team at practice this week. But the best part is that it isn't our last game."

On having to wait for his turn to start and this season meaning more because of that...
"Yeah, patience is a virtue. It hasn't always been easy, but again for me, my faith is a big part of who I am and I trust in the Lord in what He's doing and however He wants to write the script. Whether I got to play or not, He (The Lord) has given me the opportunity to get a free education, blessed me to come to this University and be a part of this team in whatever role it was and now I get a chance to play. So yeah it means a lot, and I'm cherishing every bit of it."

 Junior Linebacker Eddie Lackey

On being the defensive player of the week...
"It feels great. It's a big accomplishment for our defense to have two consecutive defensive players of the week. All credit to our defense."

On playing well as a defense and the Big 12 acknowledging those improvements...
"Like everyone says, everybody only remembers November, so we are playing well at the right time and we are able to produce and come up with turnovers or whatever it is. We have been able to turn the games around and help our offense."

On being in the positive in the takeaway category as of late...
"I think it's a big part of our defense. Just coming up with turnovers, it's game changing to be able to do that, and anytime you can get an opportunity, we try our best not to miss it. The takeaways have definitely been a big part of our success."

 Senior Wide Receiver Terrance Williams

On what setting Baylor receiving records means to him...
"They mean a lot, and to pass someone like Kendall Wright is a big honor. It's just a testament to how hard work pays off."

On looking forward to this season being the number one receiver on the team...
"Yeah, they pulled me aside this summer and told me that my role would be changing, so I just took that to heart and came in and practiced three times a week with Nick (Florence) and made sure we would be fine. It just goes to show that when you put your mind to it, that you can do it."

On Senior Day against Oklahoma State and it being his final game in Floyd Casey Stadium...
"To beat them would be a great wrap up to my career. OSU is a team that we as a senior class haven't beaten yet, so to beat them here would be a great wrap up."



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