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Player Quotes from Art Briles' Press Conference

Nov. 28, 2007

Jordan Lake

On Coach Art Briles:

"We really like him. He is a really genuine guy and he is not afraid of anything. He is really focused and committed to winning."


On outlining the new plan under Coach Briles:



"We are focusing right now on getting ourselves ready for next season by setting the foundation with strength and conditioning."


On Baylor's goals for the upcoming year:

"(Our goal is) to win. That is all we want to do here, everyone wants to do it. We know what it takes, we just need to prepare to win."



Joe Pawelek

On Art Briles:

"He is a guy that has obviously had success everywhere he has been at, and he is a down to earth football coach. We are excited that we are going to be able to play for a guy like that."


On the first team meeting:

"He just went over as a team that we need to keep improving ourselves. It is not going to be a thing where August comes around and we say tell the coach that we are ready to play; it starts today."


On things that the players wanted in a head coach:

"We were looking for someone that could come in from the start and be committed to the program and win."



Dwain Crawford

On first impression of Art Briles:

"He is a player's coach. I think he is going to fit in well with us. During the meeting he interacted with us like he has been here for sometime now, and I feel that is what we need; a player's coach that can relate to the players."


On changes that Art Briles brings to Baylor:

"We needed someone in here that could relate to the players and that we could communicate with him and it is not a struggle. I think he is going to bring that to the table and that is going to help us have a better relationship with our coach and we can bring that to the field."



Dan Gay

On the team meeting with Art Briles:

"The words that he was saying and the attitude that he put off led us to believe that we are going to be great."


On the first impression of Art Briles:

"First impression, I liked him a lot. He is the type of coach that is going to get us over the hump. He is going to help us work and become better players."

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