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Art Briles Season-Ending Press Conference

Dec. 2, 2009

Following a heartbreaking 20-13 loss to Texas Tech at Cowboys Stadium, Art Briles spoke with members of the media about the 2009 Baylor football season.

Below are Briles' comments about this season and the future of Baylor football:

On the senior class...
"They are not only great players but great people and that is evident by them persevering. If you stay in a system for four or five years and stay involved in a program for that amount of time then it says something about you as an individual. They're not just going to be missed on the football field; they are going to be missed off the field because of their leadership."

On Robert Griffin's rehab...
"(Robert's) rehab is going really well. He is ahead of schedule and it looks like he will be able to do a majority of the spring drills."

On the play of Blake Szymanski against Texas Tech...
"I really feel like Blake (Szymanski) played extremely well. I have been impressed with the way that he has committed himself to this program for the last two years that I have been here. He was just starting to get healthy and I just thought he would give us a little spark offensively. I thought he came out and played very passionately just like the rest of our guys."

On the progress of the team after two seasons...
"I think we are close without a doubt. It is a tough league and a tough schedule. Every game that we didn't win this year was to a bowl eligible team. We beat a team that went 8-4 and had (represented) the Big 12 North in the (Big 12 Championship) the last two years. There is some progress being made. It is a welcome challenge because that is what we are here to do--we are here to do it right. We are on the road to doing that."

On the team overcoming injuries and adversity...
"That is part of the trade and a part of the game. What you have to do is adjust and be ready to adjust. I think that our guys did a real good job of staying focused for the betterment of the team which is what it is all about because it is not about me, it is about me. We all have to be good together."

On the play of Ivory Wade and the outlook for the offensive line...>
"He did well. We didn't play him because he was a true freshman; we played him because we felt he was the best we had at his position. Along the road there were a few bumps but he did gain some valuable experience. It is really next to impossible to come in and play as a true freshman on the offensive line. I think it is the hardest position to play on the football field for a freshman. From that standpoint he did outstanding. We are finally getting the depth that we need and we are picking up a couple of guys here at midterm that will be great additions for us."

On adjustments over the offseason...
"(The coaching staff) will go back and analyze every situation and evaluate consequences and how we can improve the outcome(s). (As a coach), you are never content, never satisfied and never pleased--that is what makes it great because you are always searching and working to get better regardless of the outcome."



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