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Valero Alamo Bowl Announcement Quotes

 Head Coach Art Briles

Opening statement…
“I am very excited to accept our invitation to the Valero Alamo Bowl in San Antonio on December 29th at 8 p.m. I am really familiar with San Antonio. It’s a great city, great venue with the Alamo Dome. The thing that catches my eye, as I watched early in the year, is the attendance at some of UTSA’s games they had 56,000 people there. So that is really impressive. It shows me that they are football crazy, football hungry in San Antonio. It’s a great opportunity for our Baylor Nation to show up in great force in the state of Texas and for our players to stay in the state of Texas and represent the Big 12 against a really quality opponent in the University of Washington.”

Opening Washington…
“What they have done over the last three years has been remarkable. I think they have gone 5-7, 7-6 and they are 7-5 this year, but prior to that they were 0-12. Coach (Steve) Sarkesian has certainly done an outstanding job. The thing that really caught my attention was what they did to Nebraska last year in the Holiday Bowl. We know we are in for a great battle. They are very explosive offensively and so I think it is going to be a great atmosphere with two really, really good football teams fighting it out, representing their conferences.”

On playing a bowl close to Waco for the second straight year...
“I think it’s a definite plus for our fans. When you go through the season and you become bowl eligible, you like to share it with the people that helped you get there, and that’s the part that I love about it. We are getting to share it with our team, but our team gets to share it with our fans. So it builds and builds and continues to grow, and that is a positive.”

On the team’s momentum with five-straight wins...
“It’s a whole different mentality than where we were a year ago. A year ago we were coming off three tough losses, we were excited about being in a bowl game because it was the first time in 16 years and bowl preparations are different than regular season. The thing I am excited about this year is, first off we have a very mature football team. Very experienced, very mature, very focused and very driven. We are coming off five victories to where it’s not ‘Who’s next, what’s going to happen?’ With our next opponent, we have a real good idea of how we are going to perform, so that is very comforting going into this bowl as opposed to a year ago.”

On keeping the momentum going during the break...
“The break comes at a great time. We have been 18 weeks straight since early August. We are going to give them most of this week off. They will do some training and conditioning throughout the week, but we won’t have organized practices until later on, probably into the weekend. When you are dealing with people who have done things right for a long time then a break is healthy. I listened to a quote from Aaron Rodgers and he mentioned that their coach gave them the whole week off, and I am thinking ‘That’s pretty smart.’ We are going to make sure our guys come into the game fresh, focused and full of energy.”

On comparing this year’s bowl feeling to last year...
“There is a huge amount of excitement. The thing we wanted to do this year was not be a one-hit wonder. That was a big deal last year getting in a bowl game at Baylor University. It’s a big deal this year to get into a bowl game at Baylor University. There’s a lot of teams out there in Division 1-A football that would love to be where we are at right now, so we understand that and we don’t take it for granted. What we want to do is seize the moment. We want to take advantage of this opportunity that we have worked for, and that’s our main goal. We want to continue to get better as a football team because that’s what we have done the last three or four weeks, and we want to continue that climb.”

On possibly being one point away from a shot at a BCS bowl game...
“That went through my mind today, but you never know where it’s going to end up. Kansas State did a great job finishing and we grew from that football game, so I will take the one-point loss to be where we are at today because I think we grew up as a football team. We became a tougher team mentally and that’s why we are standing here today where we are at.”

 Senior Linebacker Elliot Coffey

On playing in the Alamo Bowl...
“Its an exciting time for the program. Everybody has pointed out how we are coming off a five-game winning streak instead of a three-game skid like last year. We are all excited to be playing in a bowl game and all excited to be in Texas.”

On playing in Texas rather than out of Texas...
“I had a ton of friends who I have spoken with who really expressed an interest in us playing in Texas because of the travel times with holidays. I was really glad we got to stay in Texas. It’s great for me and my family.”

 Junior Quarterback Robert Griffin III

On reaction to playing in the Alamo Bowl...
“It’ s great. It’s another game and it’s a bowl game. We knew that was going to happen. It’s in Texas and our fans will travel really well and we are excited.”

On being on a five-game winning streak...
“ It’s huge. We are playing with a lot of confidence, defense especially. Our offense is putting up a lot of points and a lot of yards. If anybody could play with us right now, it would be a tough match up. We feel like if we go out and be us, then nobody can beat us.”

On being one loss away from a BCS Bowl...
“Like Coach Briles said, you do think about it. But the way I think about it is we are one point away from that, but if we don’t come back and beat Kansas on the road then we are not where we are today. We take it for what it’s worth.”



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