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What they're saying about Baylor Head Coach Guy Morriss...

Dec. 11, 2002

Analyst, CBS Sports
former teammate, Patriots

"I've followed Baylor pretty closely as an old Southwest Conference fan. When I saw (Baylor) considering Guy Morriss, my question became, 'Will they be able to get him?'

"Guy Morriss is a Texan who will understand how to recruit players to Waco, Texas. The key is the high school coaches. Guy Morriss will not speak to the high school coaches; he will speak with the high school coaches. He's one of them. He's not a high-falutin' prima donna. They're going to want to help Guy Morriss succeed at Baylor.

"He was a heck of a football player. He's very intelligent, and he understands the game.

"I'm happy for Baylor University. I would tell any mom and dad who has a kid interested in Baylor to allow Guy Morriss to call and talk to them."

Head Coach, Kansas City Chiefs
former coach, Eagles

"In 1976, I took over the Philadelphia Eagles, who hadn't been a winning football team in years. We didn't have a first, second or third-round draft choice for the next three years coming up. But in the course of three years we were in the playoffs and in five years we were in the Super Bowl. One of the reasons we were able to do that was because of players and people like Guy Morriss and about 11 other guys just like him.

"Guy was one of what we called the 'Dirty Dozen.' That was a group that went in five years from the bottom of the NFL to the Super Bowl because of their character, their work commitment, their unselfishness and their caring about the program. Along with his teammates and coaches, he made a tremendous contribution to our football team. It's not surprising to me that he's coaching football. He's one that should be coaching. He cared about the game and everything around it. I have no doubt that he will have any problem transferring those feelings to those who play for him or work with him. He's one of the 'Dirty Dozen.' He's special to me."

Head Coach, New York Jets
former teammate, Eagles

"Guy was a player who showed his intelligence on the field. You have to be intelligent to play center in the National Football League. He could always figure things out. Guy was always a great team player. A lot of guys stick with one side, whether they play offense or defense. He always communicated with both sides of the team and the older and younger players alike. He took to me when I was a young player. Guy is a great communicator and that will benefit him greatly as a head coach."

NFL Hall of Famer
former coach & employer, Patriots

"I think Baylor got itself a real jewel when it got Guy Morriss. He is the kind of guy I'd like my son to play for. I think he is one of the most capable coaches. He's got the fuels and abilities that are necessary for coaching. His unique ideas, knowledge, experience and intgerity in football combine to make him the total package. When he retired as a player, I offered him a coaching job because I trusted that he was a natural."

President, American Football Coaches Association

"I think it's a very good hire for Baylor. He has characteristics that Baylor needs. He is a very good coach and he has put together what appears to be a very good staff. Coach Goodner was on my staff and he is a great defensive coach. He is also from Texas. He played football in Texas. He has recruited in Texas. It is an advantage to have a coach that high school coaches can relate to. I had the privilege in October of speaking at Kentucky. I met Coach Morriss at a breakfast. I really liked him as a person and I trust that he'll fit in very well."

Head Coach, Mississippi State
former employer, MSU

"Guy Morriss is a great hire for Baylor University. Guy has been around a lot of solid football coaches and brings the kinds of qualities you want in a head coach to the position. He is a mature coach...meaning he has been in the wars, he's not going to jump when things don't go exactly the way they should. He is an intelligent coach who knows players. What I liked about Guy is that he went about his business with our offensive linemen, and the offensive linemen he recruited here, all of them could play."

Head Coach,Arizona Cardinals
former teammate, TCU

"Being a Snyder Tiger myself, it's great to see another West Texan, a Colorado City Wolf, have success.

"In all seriousness, from the time I met Guy "Bo" Morris in 1969 as a fellow freshman and roommate at TCU, he has epitomized toughness, unselfishness, and dedication to the game. His playing career at the collegiate and professional levels speaks for itself. What he was able to accomplish at Kentucky with dignity in a short time under difficult circumstances is very commendable. Guy will continue that success as the head coach at a great institution, Baylor University."



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