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Men's Tennis: Ohio State A No-Show For Match

Feb. 24, 2010

WACO, Texas- The 12th-ranked men's tennis team's 3 p.m. match with third-ranked Ohio State will not occur because of a no-show by Ohio State. The Buckeyes did not accept to play the match outdoors, because the temperature was below the required 50 degree mark that is stated by the ITA rules.

"We are bitterly disappointed," head coach Matt Knoll said. "I am not just disappointed for myself, but disappointed for the fans that showed up. We got all of these people out here. It is honestly a beautiful day. It is just unfortunate for our sport, we try hard to promote things and build fan interest and have great matchups. They have made a selfish choice not to play today."

There are no plans for the match to be made up at a later date. As of right now the match is classified as a no-show with a default pending. The Bears will play an intra-squad match to make-up for the loss of the match.

The Bears (8-2) will return to action Friday, Feb. 24 when they host 73rd-ranked SMU at 3 pm. at the Baylor Tennis Center.

Head Coach Matt Knoll

On Ohio State's stance...
"Honestly it is just up to the coach of each school to decide what is hazardous for their team and he (Ohio State coach Ty Tucker) has made a decision that this is hazardous."

On if he will pursue a default...
"I am really disappointed by the principle of what has happened today that is something I am going to have to talk about with by staff and think about, but I think that may be a reasonable course of action."

Referee Chuck Scott
On the rules about cold weather conditions...
"The ITA rule for college tennis, which is defined as an outdoor sport in the ITA rule section, is that the temperature needs to be projected by to be 50 degrees or above for two of the four hours during which the match will be played. If the temperature will not reach that level the match maybe moved indoors. If no qualified indoor backup facility is available, the match will be played outdoors unless the conditions are deemed to be hazardous. That is the ruling."

On's predictions...
" prediction has been very stable for the last several hours that there will be little or no wind, bright sunshine, clear skies with temperatures in the mid-40s."

On what led to today's match being cancelled...
"The Ohio State coach has made the decision that he has deemed it unsuitable for his players and will not play. At 15 minutes after three, I will issue a default. Baylor will have the option of determining of whether they want to pursue a default or other issues or whether they want to write it off as a bad day."

On the definition of a default...
"A default is if you are not on court 15 minutes after a match is scheduled to start, you are defaulted. That is a tennis rule. Whether or not it is a default of contract, whether it is a default under qualifying or non qualifying conditions you would have to get lawyers with the universities or the ITA to answer that one for you. I am not qualified."

On if the match is forfeited...
"If it is determined to be a default by the ITA, Baylor would get a win and Ohio State would get a loss, but it would have to be determined to be a default and Ohio State's position is it is not a default, that it is hazardous."



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