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Baylor A&T Wins Tri-Meet at Fairmont State

Baylor A&T earned its first win of the 2012 season by overcoming a deficit entering the final event.

March 11, 2012

FAIRMONT, W.V. – Baylor Acrobatics & Tumbling won its first meet of the season in a close tri-meet against Fairmont State and Quinnipiac on Sunday afternoon. The Bears (281.395) rallied to finish less than two points ahead of Fairmont State (279.505) and less than three points in front of Quinnipiac (278.715).

"Today the girls came together as a team for the first time," head coach LaPrise Harris-Williams said. "We did a bonding drill before the meet and I really think it's because of that drill that I was able to keep their focus for the entire meet."

Baylor started strong with the best score of 38.95 in Compulsories. Fairmont State answered and took the lead in the Acro event, gaining more than two points on each team with a 67.2. Quinnipiac posted the top score in the Pyramind event, but Fairmont State still held a halftime edge with 96.45 points, while Quinnipiac had 94.08 and Baylor totaled 93.97.

The Bears scored 28.5 in the Basket Toss event, but fell short to Fairmont State’s 28.65. After four of six events, the Falcons still held the lead at 125.1. Baylor trailed at 122.47 and Quinnipiac was in third at 122.08.

The Bobcats and the Bears each closed the gap by outscoring Fairmont State by more than two points each in the Tumbling event. Entering the final even – the Team Routine – there was less than a one-point gap separating Fairmont State in first place and Quinnipiac in third. Fairmont State held a slim lead at 179.325, in front of Baylor’s 178.74 and Quinnipiac’s 178.505.

Baylor posted a 102.65 score in the team routine, more than two points better than Fairmont State (100.18) and Quinnipiac (100.21), to earn its first win of the season with a final score of 281.395. Fairmont State finished in second with 279.505 points and Quinnipiac’s 278.715 total points placed it in this.

The Bears return home to host Maryland at the Ferrell Center on March 24 in their first home meet of the season. Baylor will also be hosting the NCATA National Championships in Waco on April 26-28. All NCATA events are sanctioned through USA Gymnastics.



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