Postgame Quotes

Jan. 2, 2008

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Baylor Head Coach Kim Mulkey:

On the game:

"(North Carolina A&T) had my attention before they played Texas A&M, and they really got my attention after that. I thought the tone was really set on the defensive end of the floor. Every time they took a shot, we had a hand in their face. On the offensive end, you can't coach that, 80 percent. You can put people in position but you can't coach that. We have a very balanced team in a good way. You have to guard every player on the floor."


On Rachel Allison's career high 28 points:

"As a coach you can sit there and be more involved in every part of the game and not realize it. She works. She works and you can't take her off the floor. There are Rachel Allisons all throughout the high school ranks. Send me more Rachel Allisons. She is going to have to be a warrior for us come conference play."


On Danielle Wilson's Injury:

"We'll know more tomorrow. She severely sprained her ankle. We'll x-ray it tomorrow."


Baylor Guard Angela Tisdale:

On the first half performance:

"I think it's been that way the last two days in practice. Everybody has been making shots from every position; it was amazing. That was a good job on our part."


On Rachel Allison:

"She just out-hustled and outplayed everybody on the court."


Baylor Post Rachel Allison:

On the game:

"I don't think it was me. The guards did a good job of finding me in the post. We just played them how we played everybody. It couldn't be how we came out against Rice because if we do that, we won't be able to compete."



North Carolina A&T Head Coach Patricia Cage-Bibb:

On the game:

"A lot of times you think your team is ready, and you come up against a good team that is well coached. We just didn't get back in transition, our defense didn't work in the first half. When you can score 30 points in the second half, you should be able to do the same in the first half. Execution really was the difference for us."


On the Transition Game:

"We let our players know that Baylor runs up and down the floor. Baylor is a great team. Kim (Mulkey) has done a great job. For our (North Carolina A&T) transition defense, we just didn't get back and we couldn't run. We were three steps slower."



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