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Baylor, Missouri Postgame Quotes

Jan. 4, 2012

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No. 1/1 Baylor 90, Missouri 46
Ferrell Center
Waco, Texas
Jan. 4, 2012 • Attendance: 8,017

  Head Coach Kim Mulkey

On Baylor's performance from the start of the game to the end:
"You saw what we are capable of doing when two or three people are hanging on (Brittney) Griner. It's a packed zone in there so I tried moving her around. She's very patient. She didn't get aggravated. I thought our perimeter game tonight was outstanding. Destiny Williams was challenged with guarding (Christine) Flores and not only keep her to 10 points, Destiny goes and grabs 10 rebounds. The roles that everybody played tonight made us a very difficult team to beat."

On the guards stepping up their game tonight:
"It's a confidence thing for everybody. I've told Nae-Nae (Hayden) and Jordan (Madden) that they will decide if we make it to a Final Four and win a national championship.  You know how they are going to guard Odyssey, you know what you're going to see with Brittney, but with Nae-Nae and Jordan, they have to accept the challenge to defend on the defensive end, make big shots, get steals and run the floor. I thought it was special tonight. We made many open court layups. We worked on that during practice this week. When they do that on the floor, I can look and them and know that practice paid off."

On Missouri head coach Robin Pingeton:
"That lady gets it. When you clear the bench, how many coaches do you see when their team is down 30 and 40 start pressing you with their starters? What did she do when I cleared my bench? She cleared hers. She learned from someone who taught her the game. That's what I told her at the end of the game. I said `Robin, you get it.' So many times when you clear your bench late in the game to prevent your starters from injury and get kids some playing time, coaches start pressing you with their starters. You don't want to take kids out of the game. She gets it. She doesn't throw in the towel, but gets the business."

Guard Jordan Madden

On Coach Mulkey putting pressure on her to be a major factor in their future success:
"It's not really too much pressure. We just go out there and do what she asks us to do: get in passing lanes, don't let the wings get the ball and play better defense."

On how much fun she had playing tonight's game:
"It was very fun out there. Winning and getting a lot of steals and rebounds made the game so much more enjoyable."

Guard Odyssey Sims

On running the floor and creating open court baskets:
"Coach tells me all the time to make the opposing defense run with me. So when I'm on a fast break, I try my best to see who is on my right side, who is on my left side and who is behind me. It's fun to get fast opportunities like that. As Coach says, `It's showtime.' That's when you make big plays and nice passes. Those result in good shots."

 Head Coach Robin Pingeton

Opening statement:
"I'll tell you what, Baylor is everything they are talked up to be and a little more. They have tremendous players, coaching staff and fans. It's where we would like to be in a few years. We're in the building process of that. We're a young, inexperienced team, and it was a little obvious with some of our breakdowns tonight. I'm proud of our girls though. We are a work in progress. It's a process to build a program like Baylor has. It doesn't happen overnight. We will definitely learn and get better from this game. Baylor is such a great team and Kim (Mulkey) does such a great job with her staff and players. They're everything they are cracked up to be, that's for sure. But we knew that going in."

On the Missouri's matchups with Baylor:
"Not taking anything away from Baylor, the fact of the matter is we are very young and we're very inexperienced. To come in here and play against athletes of this caliber is very different from our non-conference schedule. Our non-conference schedule wasn't set up to mirror the Big 12. Our team isn't ready for that yet. Baylor has for sure been the best team we have played this season. You've got Brittney Griner, the best player in college basketball and Odyssey Sims, a tremendous athlete. You can't forget about the rest of the players on the team though. They're such a solid team up and down the lineup. They play so well together as a team. They're a very unselfish team. We also don't have the athletes that they do. They're the elite, the best of the best."

Post Christine Flores

On matching up against Brittney Griner:
"She's huge. She's 6-8 and has the wingspan of the whole court. She's a huge presence. Just seeing her standing in the paint makes it difficult to challenge her. For our guards and our posts, especially BreAnna Brock being able to take it to her tonight was important. Give them credit for that."



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