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Baylor, Kansas Postgame Quotes

Jan. 5, 2014

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9/9 BAYLOR (12-1, 2-0) 75, KANSAS (7-7, 0-2) 55
Sunday, Jan. 5, 2014
Ferrell Center (Waco, Texas)
Attendance: 6,381


Baylor Head Coach Kim Mulkey

On Kansas's Keyla Morgan going down in the second half:
"It's a reality check. It puts your life in perspective because it is just a game even though it is a livelihood for us. It's a game you play. You're just grateful for the medical people who rushed to her side and say lots of prayers that she will be okay. You don't ever like to see that: injury, illness, anything like that on the court."

On the poor shooting performance tonight:
"It was not a pretty game by either team. Neither team shot the ball well. It was probably a little bit of their defense and a little bit of bad shot selection. I thought that when they went into their zone we shot entirely way too many threes. We weren't penetrating the zone and we definitely weren't having ball reversal. We would make one pass and then we'd shoot it. That comes with youth. We have to teach them what is and isn't a good shot against a zone. Yet at the same time you don't want to take their confidence away because I like the fact that they want to shoot it. Anyway, it's a win and we will move on, get in the film room and start working on West Virginia."

On team's focusing on guarding Odyssey Sims:
"You can't focus all of your attention on Odyssey [Sims]. I think we've proven that. We're getting production from everybody on the floor. I think that Nina [Davis] has proven herself from day one. I think that she has put herself in position to be thought of as freshman of the year in this league. Sune [Agbuke]'s production the last two games, she got in foul trouble in the first half tonight, but Sune has accepted the challenge of being a presence in the paint for us. You can focus on Odyssey, but we have other players that can play. The only thing they lack is experience, and they're getting it every day."

On tonight's eight turnovers:
"I think we are averaging about 12 a game or something like that. I'm kind of shocked to tell you the truth, particularly with how much we run. This is a team that isn't a half court team. We're going to run, and we are going to push it. Yes, that has been a pleasant surprise for me, but at the same time the ball is in Odyssey's hands. I don't expect her to turn it over a lot anyway. You're going to win a lot of basketball games if you give yourself the opportunity to shoot. I've been really pleased that we have been trying to do that."

Senior Guard Odyssey Sims

On settling for bad shots:
"I guess you can say (we settled for bad shots). We were open and didn't really get it on ball reversal. We would just jack it up on the first attempt. We will work at it and get better."

On watching Kansas's Keyla Morgan down on the floor:
"I've never seen anything like that. It was shocking. We are keeping her in our prayers that she will be fine. Hopefully she can play again soon and get back into a groove. We all prayed for her, so hopefully everything will go okay and she will be fine."

Freshman Forward Nina Davis

On her second conference game:
"I did (relax). In the first game I was a little nervous, so I had a lot of turnovers and missed a lot of shots that I usually don't miss. Coach Mulkey just told me to relax, and I came into this game more relaxed. I tried to do whatever could help my team."

Kansas Head Coach Bonnie Hendrickson:

Opening Statement:
"I thought for us defensively to mix it up as much as we did, I was proud of our kids. I thought our first shot defense was better in the 2-3 than it was in the diamond and one, which is what we started the game with. Odyssey [Sims] got into us off the dribble to the left, and that was a breakdown for us defensively. She is unbelievable with the left hand and crazy good with the right hand. When we were getting defensive rebounds and forcing on- and-dones, we got a little pop offensively. For us we needed to finish at the rim in the first half. We missed six to eight layups. That is just a focus thing. Most of the time you are focused on something it is just sometimes the wrong thing. We made some mistakes coming out of the locker room at halftime, and they got a big lead, but Odyssey is as good of a one-on-one [player] offensively in the country and she proved that today." 

On Sune Agbuke's improvement coming into this season:
"I see it fitness wise. I don't know what she has lost, but she has taken care of herself from a fitness standpoint. That kid can go and her motor is better. I thought she was really physical with Chelsea [Gardner] which is going to be her advantage, to get into your body but not into much foul trouble and to finish around the rim. I think that her defensive presence really bothered us in one-on-one matchups."

On Odyssey Sims:
"She is Andrea Riley. How much credit does that kid get for waiting her time? If you look at her free throw attempts, her shot attempts, and her ability to create for others; and then what she is still willing to do on the defensive end, what a great talent. Good for her to be that unselfish and now make the most of it when it is her time to shine."

On Keyla Morgan's injury:
"It is scary, and it is scary for all of us. At least I get to be out there with her and hear her talk and see that she is squeezing her hands and that she can mover her toes a little bit. But, if you look at our players most of them have never seen anything like that before. You just try to calm them down. She is in a great place for medical care, and they will evaluate her and we will wait to hear if we can take her home with us tonight or if we bring her home when we are able to bring her home."  



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