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Baylor, Iowa State Postgame Quotes

Jan. 9, 2013

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 Head Coach Kim Mulkey

On Baylor's defensive effort:
"The first thing that stood out was 50 points in the paint to zero. I do not know if I have ever seen a stat like that. Then, I have to complement Nae-Nae (Hayden), Odyssey (Sims) and all of our guards because that cannot happen if you are not continuing to throw it in there. Defensively, you knew that they were going to shoot a lot of threes. I do not like that they made nine, but when you consider you are 50 to zero in the paint, the points had to come from somewhere. I thought we did a good job of switching on the defensive end. I thought that Brooklyn (Pope), Destiny (Williams) and Brittney (Griner) all did a good job on Poppens, who is an all-conference selection. Jordan Madden gutted it out for about 20 minutes guarding there leading scorer in Hallie Christofferson and she did not even score. So many good things happened. The crowd for a Wednesday, flooding outside, to come out again and support these kids means a great deal to us."

 On starting the game with a 16-3 run:
"We wanted to dictate the pace of the game. Last year, and most of the time when you play Iowa
State, their style of play can be a half-court set. If you remember, we started out in the 2-2-1 press and doing a lot of things in the full court to dictate the pace we wanted to play at. I thought we did a better job of that. I thought that every shot they took we had a hand in the face. We switched and we were very active. It is a team that all of us respect. We know how hard it is to beat them. We know the things that Bill (Fennelly) does with his team. We also know that we turn around in two weeks and play them again, before we even play some of the teams in the league once."

 On Baylor's team play:
"I was looking at the NCAA stats the other day and I have not had a team sharing the basketball as much as this team is sharing it right now. If we need Odyssey to score, all I have to do is run some plays for her and tell her to go score. She is really in a mode right now where she is getting everyone involved. Nae-Nae is in a mode of letting the game come to her and getting everyone involved. NaeNae almost has a triple double tonight and only took four or five shots. We are scoring a high, high percentage from the field. The field goal percentage is probably the highest of any team I have ever coached and it is coming from a lot of different places. It is not just coming from Brittney or coming from Odyssey, it is just a lot of people shooting the ball well."

 Senior Forward Kimetria Hayden

On Baylor's full court pressure:
"My eyes light up knowing that we can get a lot of steals and transition buckets."

On Baylor's defensive effort:
"We did pretty well. As we do our scouting report, these girls are shooters. We have to contest their shots and make them drive on us. We denied them really well to where they could not get the ball. Our defense was tremendous tonight."

 Senior Post Brittney Griner

On outscoring Iowa State 50-0 in the paint:
"Wow. I really do not know what to say. We were busting it out there and we were definitely guarding them."

On playing one-on-one inside:
"My eyes light up big time when I see one-on-one and I can just go to the basket and do a post move and not have to worry about someone coming from the blind side and double team me. It makes me go into a zone."

 On Baylor's team play:
"Everybody was clicking tonight. We were feeding off of each other. Like coach said, we are getting the ball to the person that it needs to be in their hands. It just shows that everybody is scoring and everybody is contributing to the team. When we can do that it helps us out a lot."

  Head Coach Bill Fennelly

Opening Statement...
"(Baylor is) a great team, great coaches, great fan support. Baylor does it the right way in everything they do. Brittney (Griner) is Brittney. Odyssey Sims is a great on-ball defender, obviously that was a big part of the game. I had the privilege of having both Odyssey and Destiny Williams with USA Basketball and I know how good they are. When you play Baylor, everyone has to show up and play well and certainly that was not the case for us. Most coaches say that, but I think you have to give the other guy credit. Baylor was the reason we didn't play well. It's disappointing and you want to give a better show, but that's a great team; one of the best teams I have ever coached against. We'll get them one more time in a couple of weeks and see what happens."

 On comparing last year's Baylor team to this year...
"I think they are better, which, how can you be better when you were perfect? They know how to win, number one. It's a senior dominated team. They have a great on-ball point guard in Odyssey and they have great role players. Destiny comes in and does her deal, Brooklyn (Pope) does her deal. They've managed their minutes right. I think they are a better team, I really do. It shows in who they have beaten and what they have done. They are the best team in the country, no question about it. It's going to take something special for anyone to beat them, I really believe that. I would play them twice in the first two games and let's get it over with. They are very well coached and very well prepared. Everyone says they have great players, and they do. They have great players and the great players play hard. They play as a unit. They have a plan and they execute those plans."

 On shooting more three-pointers than two-pointers...
"I think you have to shoot more threes. I just think you have to trade three for two. I told our kids we have to make 15 threes and hang around. But when you have a chance to make a two, you have to make them. Some of the twos we had, the thought of Brittney Griner in the building probably made those shots a little harder than her actual blocks. But that's what great shot blockers do and that's what great players do. The challenge is how do you make more threes? How do you finish around the basket and how do you get to the free-throw line more? I think that's the challenge when you're trying to figure out how do we even have a chance to beat them, someway, somehow. Obviously we don't have that potential right now, but hopefully we will come up with something better in two weeks."

 Senior Forward Chelsea Poppens

On what Baylor did defensively...
"They are a great defensive team. Odyssey Sims, one of the best on-ball defenders, just picked us off quite a few times. We made quite a few errors defensively, not cutting people off... a lot of little things."

 On what the game means to Iowa State...
"We learn from it. Baylor is good and they are going to win games. We lose this and we go to the next game with a vengeance ready to play. We play Baylor again in two weeks and work on what we didn't do tonight."



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