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Baylor, Oklahoma State Postgame Quotes

Jan. 11, 2012

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No. 1/1 Baylor 71, Oklahoma State 44
Ferrell Center – Waco, Texas
January 11, 2012 - Att. 8,707

  Head Coach Kim Mulkey

On the difference after halftime...
“We made shots. I thought that Oklahoma State played well, but that didn’t surprise me. I watched them on film; they’re young, they’re fast and they’re strong. They have great perimeter shooters. They played good defense and mixed their defenses up. I thought we played hard and guarded people well, but we just couldn’t get into a rhythm in the first half.”

On Jordan Madden and Nae-Nae Hayden’s overall play during the game...
“Well we wanted them to attack the whole game. We worked on playing against a 2-3 zone this week in practice. We just couldn’t find a gap. We at least got (Brittney) Griner 10 touches. So it wasn’t like we didn’t have post touches. When you play against zone defenses, you tend to shoot more perimeter shots, and the post gets fewer touches. I thought we got her good touches. I thought we missed some easy shots. Destiny (Williams) missed some, but finished up with a quiet double-double. Odyssey (Sims) kept competing in there. I guess we’re resilient enough to stay in the game and keep after it.”

On the meaning behind tonight’s game...
“I don’t think you can look at this Oklahoma State team and not be human and sensitive. We were the first team to play at OSU after the last tragedy. In fact, we practiced right after the memorial service. I think Jim (Littell) has handled it beautifully. That was his best friend. He wasn’t just his boss, it was his best friend. He understands that he has been given quite a task. He doesn’t have a blueprint or book to follow other than talking to the people on the men’s side from the last tragedy. But yes, you are human and you think about it.”

Post Brittney Griner

On Odyssey Sims point guard play:
“She’s great at everything. Everything about her play amazes me. How she guards the ball on defense, how she never tires, her passes, everything. It’s amazing how she can find us.”

Guard Odyssey Sims

On her streak of threes in the second half:
“If I’m open, I shoot it. Coach gets on to me sometimes for not shooting the ball. I just had many open opportunities, but I always look inside first. If I have the ball and I’m open, I’ll take the shot.”

 Head Coach Jim Litrell

Opening statement…
“Baylor is a great team and they’ve got a lot of great weapons. When you’ve got the best player on the planet to anchor things down, it makes things difficult and I’m not sure they don’t have the second best player in the country with Odyssey Sims. They’ve just got a lot of different weapons. They’re athletic, they’re long, they have the ability to take you out of a lot of things and I’m proud of the way we played the first half. I don’t doubt our effort in the second half, you just have to give credit where credit’s due to a great team and they took us out of a lot of things offensively.”

On what turned the game in the second half…
“I think they just turned it up to a different level, to be honest. I could give you all kinds of different things, coach-talk and all that, but I think they turned it up to a different level.”

On game tempo...
“They beat us off the dribble. They went about three possessions in a row where they went coast-to-coast and we didn’t square up on them to guard them and keep them out of the paint. They did force tempo on us, that is correct.”

On defensive pride in the first half…
“I’m proud of these kids and they’re going to continue to give great effort all year long. And we need to realize that Baylor’s going to do this to a lot of people and they’re going to do this, especially here at home in Waco, and we can’t let this game detract from where we want to get. I think we’re headed in the right direction and I think we’ve got some really good young players that continue to develop, and as long as we stay positive and together, I think we’ll have a nice season. We’ve had a pretty tough schedule right off the bat going to Texas Tech, then Texas at home, then going to Baylor. I’m glad this one’s over.”

On the standing ovation when Oklahoma State entered the floor…
“The fans from Baylor are very classy and very knowledgeable and that was something that was much appreciated. I did notice it and I thought that was a sign of class.”

Forward Toni Young

On Griner’s inside presence…
“She’s not hard to play, but she’s not easy to score on, so you have to create your own shot most of the time and either drive or shoot over her. You can’t get intimidated by her size, even though it’s kind of intimidating. You just have to go in. You can’t relax or sit back on her.”

On shooting jumpers against Griner…
“I didn’t shoot as well as I wanted to tonight, but it’s hard to get a layup on her. She comes across the paint in one step and she’ll block your shot, so you have to go over her.”



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