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Women's Basketball

Baylor, UCONN Postgame Quotes

Jan. 13, 2014

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7/7 BAYLOR (14-2) 55, 1/1 UCONN (18-0) 66
Ferrell Center (Waco, Texas)
Mon., Jan. 13, 2014
Attendance: 9,145


Head Coach Kim Mulkey

On whether she got what she wanted out of the game...
"We had a great measuring stick and a gauge of how good we are and how good we can be. When Odyssey Sims has a night like she does and you are three points of tying the ball game with the No. 1 team in the country -- you feel good. Odyssey Sims will not have many nights like that but she is on my team and I will take her any day. I thought that we battled on the boards; we have a little midget at 5'11" who got 17 rebounds against the No. 1 team in the country. The kids played their hearts out."

On having many players that are still young...
"I think you saw Baylor is not too shabby with all of those babies out there and we can score from multiple positions. I thought the crowd was outstanding."

On if she gets emotional on watching her players in close games...
"I am an emotional coach anyways but you also have to teach. Every timeout, we were teaching. Consistently repeating things to them because this is really the first big-time atmosphere that a lot of them had been in."

On if this group of players has been fun to coach...
"I think this bunch can tell you absolutely I am enjoying this basketball team. I enjoy seeing them every day. I enjoy getting on the bus with them every day. They don't bring issues to the table. There is no drama going on in the classroom. You tell them something one time and that's all you have to tell them. It is an environment that is just enjoyable and sometimes when you have that much youth you think you are going to get frustrated, not when you are enjoying them and they are giving you everything they have."

Freshman F Nina Davis

On being outsized but still coming up with rebounds...
"We knew coming into the game that rebounding would be one of the main things we would have to do to win. They came out very aggressive and took the boards so I tried to match and get the ball."

On defending Breanna Stewart...
"I knew coming into the game that she was a great player, so I knew that it was going to be a challenge, but I had been working on it all week so I just came into it trying to matchup and use my quickness to try to stop her and get around her."

Sophomore G Niya Johnson

On responding after being down...
"It is all about having heart. We did not quit; we did not give up on each other. We just continued to battle."

On what she thought about coming into this game...
"This is what we came here for, to battleand play hard against the No. 1 team and see where we stand."


Head Coach Geno Auriemma

Opening statement...
"You don't win 69 games at home like Baylor has without having a tremendous will to win. That's what they do. They're led by someone who's a great player who has a tremendous will. Even though we were up the whole game, it never seemed like it was going to get away from them. When you've got a guard like [Odyssey Sims] who can get in the lane and make plays for herself and others and get to the free throw line, it was going to be whether or not we could make timely plays. Making any kind of plays tonight was tough."

On defending Odyssey Sims...
"We tried everything. We really did. Every imaginable defense, we tried it. In the end you just have to hope she misses. We couldn't keep her out of the lane, she got in the lane whenever she wanted. She needed 25 shots. I said we're not going to shut her out, we're not going to hold her to 10, she's going to get her points, but I said I wanted her to work real, real hard. I thought we responded."

Sophomore G Moriah Jefferson

On her play today back home in Texas...
"It meant a lot. I wanted to do whatever I could for my team. That meant I needed to come out and be aggressive, especially on this court where their fans are incredible. I wanted to just come out and win for my team."

On holding Odyssey Sims without a point in the last 10 minutes...
"We tried to. She was driving really aggressively to the hole, and we just realized we had to keep our hands up, and she just missed some."

Sophomore G Bria Hartley

On the game-ending 10-2 run...
"I thought we were forcing them to take tough shots, making Odyssey take tough shots. We got the rebounds, then we came down, ran our offense, and got the shots we wanted."



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