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Jan. 16, 2008

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Baylor Head Coach Kim Mulkey:


"When you have two teams that play defense like that it is going to make it a low scoring game but what also makes it a low scoring game is Kansas executes their half court offense for a long period of time. So you are not going to have a very high scoring game. I was glad I was able to rest a lot of players and rotate the players in the game early and this particular group is the first team I coached at Baylor to start out 3 and 0 in the Big 12 so they need a pat on the back."



"Well that is two games in a row you have over 20 offensive rebounds and that is not by accident. We work on those every day on both ends of the court. I challenged them at half time; we had 10 at the half, and I challenged them and they got 2 more so that is pretty impressive."





"I have never met a coach that didn't like a win. Ugly or pretty and win is a win."


Baylor Forward Rachel Allison:


"It shows we have a lot of heart. I thought we did a great job tonight on the defensive end as well as Kansas having a great defensive performance. We were just clicking in the way that we communicated with each other. You just don't see that everyday."


Baylor Guard Kelli Griffin:


"I am a lot more comfortable. I am still kind of hesitant to do some things. I would say I am about 90 to 95 percent to being all the way back."


"It says to me that coach believes in me to lead the team and to go out there and take control. I didn't expect to play this much. It says I have confidence in my teammates and my coaches.



Kansas Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson:

On the game:

"Disappointing effort on our part on offense with execution...We didn't take advantage. We couldn't back it up with a score. Typically with a young team, you can't defend, but you can score. But when we were defending, we couldn't score."


On Baylor's talent:

"They are very athletic, very skilled. All those players were in double figures. I think Tisdale is the pulse and the heart of this group. Usually when they need to make a run, that's who starts the run. Every team that is having a year like they are having has a great point guard. She's a fantastic point guard. I've been a big fan of hers since the first time I saw here. They've got a lot of weapons."


Kansas Guard Danielle McCray:

On  Baylor's defense:

"It was pressure. They pressured me coming off screens. I had to take a different route."


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