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Women's Basketball

Baylor, West Virginia Postgame Quotes

Jan. 19, 2013

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 Head Coach Kim Mulkey

On getting off to a hot start...
"New team in the league, I think we're all excited to play somebody that we haven't seen. Of course, we saw them in the playoffs two years ago. I thought the crowd was great. When we started the game, I thought we were focused and I thought we were ready to play.

On the end of the game...
"The end of the game wasn't very good. With 2:34 to go, we're up 24, and we only win by 18. I'm going to take that responsibility. I just didn't like the way the game ended, because it was a 30-point game that ended up being an 18-point game."

 On Brittney being one block shy of triple-double...
"I was aware of that. I was going to put Sune (Abuke) in for her. They told me on the way to the scorer's table they were close. I gave her one more minute. That's a hard call for me as a coach, because the game is out of hand, and while you'd like them to have that in their career, if something should happen to them late in the game to get an individual stat, I would feel bad. So, I tried for about a minute and then I get nervous."

On committing 19 turnovers...
"We knew coming in that they play physical. Telling them and seeing it on film is quite different than experiencing it. They now see what I'm talking about. And that's the most turnovers we've had . . . in fact, I'd have to go back and see the last time we had that many turnovers versus assists. That's been an area that we've been pretty good at, but we weren't very good tonight. And it was not like it wasn't written on the board. It's not like it wasn't one of the ways to win the game. We just didn't get it done. And credit West Virginia, don't take anything away from them. They play hard, they play physical, but we knew that."

 Senior Post Brittney Griner

On when teams take the ball inside...
"I love it. Like you said, most teams don't get inside to their posts against me. So when they do, I take advantage of it."

On whether she enjoys a block or basket more...
"Blocked shot. I don't know why, but just the look on the opponent's face when I block the shot. They're discouraged a little bit. I don't know, it gets me going, for sure. I block it; they come back in, and I block it again. That's how you block nine shots."

 Junior Guard Odyssey Sims

On the disjointed flow of the game...
"We went over in the scouting report how physical and how hard they were going to come out and play. So we knew they were going to overplay the wing's defense. Like coach said, there are no safe passes cross-court. We just didn't do a very good job. I guess we overlooked what she said. We've just got to re-evaluate ourselves and watch the film and correct it."

On West Virginia's physicality...
"I think they're one of the most physical teams in the Big 12. They're a very good team. I just think we didn't handle the pressure very well as far as our passes and our turnovers. We had way too many. With that being said, we can't go to Iowa State on Wednesday and have 19 turnovers and expect to win."

  Head Coach Mike Carey

Opening Statement...
"First of all, great atmosphere, great crowd, great place to play. I thought we competed for the most part. We missed a lot of foul shots. (Brittney) Griner is the best player in the country, bar none. We did turn them over like we felt we could 19 times. Brittney opens up so many more people on the floor, and then they become effective and start getting hot. We normally don't sit there and let them shoot threes, but because of her we had to and they hit them. Overall, I thought our players played hard. They're a great team, best team in the country. Are we satisfied? No. We came down here to win. We have a lot of work to do. We have to get better."

On what Brittney Griner does that opponents can't prepare for...
"She's 6'9". I don't know if she does that, but she just is 6'9". Don't get me wrong, she's skilled. She's gotten better every year. She does stuff as a senior that she couldn't do as a freshman. And she's under control at all times. As a coach you think she's going over someone's back, but she's not. She's jumping over them. We have to do a better job of putting a body on her. She's a great player, best player in the country."

On Baylor's blocking...
"We can't play just out on the perimeter. We have to go vertical. We try to be very aggressive on defense, and we want to be the same on offense. We couldn't execute a lot of things well, but that's to Baylor's credit."

On playing in the Big 12...
"Everybody's been great. The arenas have been fantastic, the crowds have been fantastic. I thought it would be like this, and it has been. We've been very happy. Not happy tonight, but we've been happy. We just have to get used to the Big 12. I tell the players don't make excuses. We have to win this year. We can't take a year or two to get accustomed to all the teams and the different styles. We have to win this year. We're learning on the fly, and it's been great."

 Junior Guard Christal Caldwell

On having to take control of the game tonight...
"I just felt like I had to play for my team. Whatever I had to do, that's what I tried to do tonight. I thought we played well as a team at times, but I felt like we could've done a lot better. We never stopped fighting, but I've seen us play a lot better."

On Baylor's strong start...
"Baylor's a good team. They play hard at all times. So, coming out of the tip we knew they would come out that way, but we just couldn't stop. They went on a run, but we had to keep playing."

On Brittney's presence...
"Some of the shots you normally take, you just can't do it. You can't go as deep in the paint so you have to pull up, but then she's still there. You have to have countermoves, but she's just there."



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