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Women's Basketball

Baylor, Kansas State Postgame Quotes

Jan. 21, 2012

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No. 1/1 Baylor 76, No. 22/23 Kansas State 41
Ferrell Center – Waco, Texas
January 21, 2012 - Att. 9,380

  Head Coach Kim Mulkey

Opening statement...
“I liked everything about tonight, first of all the crowd. I was concerned with the gap between the games today, but I was so pleased to see that big of a crowd. The way our kids played tonight, with their defense and rebounding, just spoke for itself. I challenged them before the game today. At home I watched the men, Duke and Syracuse all lose. I got in that locker room, and I think I exploded on them before the game started. I said that you better defend and you better rebound. This crowd deserved to watch people rebound the ball and defend. They were ready to see us after playing on the road. I’m so proud that everybody played, scored and contributed something good. The proudest I am is of Shanay (Washington). Just to see her back on that floor and playing well. Your heart just goes out to a kid who has had four knee surgeries and still has the heart to rehab to get back on the floor.”

On Kimetria Hayden’s energy and play…
“She did give us energy right off the bat. That’s what we have to have from Nae. What excites me most about her right now is her rebounding. It’s become instinctual. So many times she flew in to grab a rebound and she’d draw a foul on them trying to block her out. She’s playing with a lot of confidence and energy. If you look at the stat sheet, we didn’t shoot particularly well from the foul line for the field, but you don’t notice that because of our defense and rebounding dominates.”

On defeating two of the Big 12’s top teams this week and looking ahead…
“Well I really thought that we’d be playing an undefeated Kansas State team tonight. Playing at home is supposed to be an advantage, and I didn’t know that they lost to Oklahoma at home until after I stepped on the bus (after the Texas Tech game). Just keep winning. Just keep piling up wins and see how much better we can get.”

Post Brittney Griner

On her composure this season in comparison to previous seasons…
“I feel like I’m not rushing shots. I’m letting the game come to me. You have to have a ‘you can’t stop me’ mentality.”

On her teammates contributing to the game...
“I’m just lucky to have the teammates that I have around me. I wouldn’t trade any of them. Everybody contributes. It’s just different nights that different people step up. That’s the one thing that I love about our team. Somebody will step up if someone else is having an off night. We do a great job on finding each other. Whoever has the hot hand, we will get them the ball.”

Guard Kimetria Hayden

On her aggressive play tonight...
“The lane was just open tonight. I’m a driver, so I need to drive and look for other players that are open. I just felt like it was wide open.”

 Head Coach Deb Patterson

Opening statement…
“That was a dominant performance by Baylor relative to what we brought to the floor. Their work on the boards was a huge factor. There wasn’t any aspect of the game where they didn’t dominate us today, with the confidence they play with and the ball distribution. I thought at half we had, at least to some extent, contained them from busting out across the board on the offensive end. The second half, our lack of rebounding really caught up with us, giving Baylor extra possessions. It was a game in which I don’t believe we competed anywhere near the level they did.”

On Baylor being a team that wears teams down…
“They are extremely resilient. They’re confident. They’re athletic and strong. They wore us down mentally and physically pretty quick. On the road you at least have to be competitive with your defensive possessions and your rebounds. When we didn’t do that on a night when we weren’t making any open shots that we did get, it made it really tough.”

On Baylor being a different team than last year…
“They seemed more composed and they make up for mistakes athletically at least today. They made up for mistakes at a higher level than they did a year ago as a team. Honestly, I didn’t feel as though they relied on Grinner as much. They were much more comfortable distributing the ball, having some balance, and then just killing you for five possessions in a row.”

On how to prepare for Brittney Griner…
“It is unlike anyone else when you line up against Brittney. It puts so much pressure on your defense. You try to change your scheme, and we did that tonight, and you saw the result. We forgot how to rebound.”

Guard Brittany Chambers

On Baylor’s defense…
“I think the one thing they do extremely well is rebounding the ball defensively. They don’t allow second chances a lot. I feel like we’re one of those teams that need second shots.”

On playing against Brittney Griner…
“She has changed the game. She is an unbelievable player and she is a really great person on the court as well. I look at her and I really am in awe. She really is a great player. She is definitely someone I would not want to play against every night.”



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