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Baylor, Texas Tech Postgame Quotes

Jan. 22, 2011

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NO. 1/1 BAYLOR 64, #RV/25 TEXAS TECH 51
JAN. 22, 2011 • ATTENDANCE: 10,379

  Head Coach Kim Mulkey

On what her team can take out of this game:
“Credit Texas Tech. I am a coach that believes in acknowledging the other team. A lot of coaches want to say it is what we didn’t do, how about acknowledging what Tech did. They played extremely hard. I thought they did some things to bring Griner away from the basket so she wouldn’t be a factor when they drive. I don’t want to say it is a wake up call, more than it is just credit Tech. (It was) a good, hard fought game. The fans were outstanding. It was a fun night for fans, but we will live and we will grow. I think you saw it has been a long time since we have been on the floor without Odyssey Sims and see her value to our basketball team. I thought a lot of our immaturity showed tonight with facial expressions, with listening in the timeouts. They wanted to do well, our kids wanted to do well, but credit Tech. Odyssey comes to the bench early, a couple of our kids didn’t play well, but we will have to look at film and see why they didn’t. I thought Brittney Griner did her part. I thought Melissa Jones battled in there. Again, she is playing two positions for me. I am most disappointed in the number of offensive boards that we allowed Texas Tech to have and that is just pure grits, guts and want to. I am sure it won’t be a fun practice when we go back.”

On Texas Tech’s play:
“Again if you look at statistics, Tech played a little bit better in areas they hadn’t. Some kids hit threes that don’t normally hit threes, some kids scored more that don’t normally score. They changed a lot of what they do offensively.”

On Brittney Griner being affected by last year’s events:
“I think it spoke for itself. I don’t think it affected her one way or the other. All she was trying to do was help her basketball team win. I didn’t, but maybe then I am too zoned in and focused. I didn’t think anything that happened last year had any effect or anything to do with the way the game was played tonight. I thought it was hard, aggressive. That is what you are going to see.”

On the play of Jordan Madden:
“I thought Jordan was a spark for us. Jordan has length when she does get beat off the dribble. She is kind of like Griner, she can swat it from behind. We have to do a better job as coaches and ask ourselves why we are getting beat off the dribble when we are as athletic as we are.”

  Sophomore Forward Brittney Griner

On not playing with Sims on the floor:
“Not having Odyssey court, you try not to think about it. You just try to keep playing. We just like having her out there on the ball with that pressure.”

On the first half:
“We have to come with more intensity. We just have to get pumped up. On the inside I just had to do whatever I do to help out our team, whether it is scoring or passing to the open players.”

  Sophomore Guard Jordan Madden

On her bringing defensive pressure:
“I am long and I am real quick and she (Coach Mulkey) had me on the ball to get a lot of steals.”

  Head Coach Kristy Curry

Opening statement:
“I thought we missed some shots and we were not as aggressive as we needed to be. Credit to them, they did a little bit better of a job at being more aggressive, especially in the first eight minutes of the second half, than we were. We just couldn’t make any shots after a little bit. Sometimes you have to credit the defense, and that is a pretty good defense.”

On the state of the team after two close losses:
“You know, I am not worried at all. You know, you are playing two top-15 teams. Those are some pretty good basketball teams that (we) are playing and on their home floor. They understand that they have to protect their home floor in this league. And they have done it now for a couple of years. I think that that is tradition and experience. We have got to understand that free throws, and a couple made baskets and we are right where we want to be. We have just got to keep fighting and battling, and I thought our kids really competed.”

On the rebounding numbers in the game:
“I mean to rebound like we did tonight shows that they responded from a couple days of practice. It has been a point of emphasis. They worked hard, really hard, on the boards. Rebounding and defense are effort and heart. It’s not about size or talent it’s about the size of your heart. I thought that tonight we responded from not doing such a great job Wednesday night and that is one thing about this team is how well they respond.”



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