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Baylor, Kansas State Postgame Quotes

Jan. 22, 2014

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12/10 BAYLOR (15-3, 5-1) 71, KANSAS STATE (8-10, 2-5) 48
Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2014
the Ferrell Center (Waco, Texas)
Attendance: 6,471


Baylor Head Coach Kim Mulkey

On getting athletes other than Odyssey involved:
"They were in man. We didn't see the box and one or diamond and one or anything else like that. We did what we always do against man: share the ball, ball reversal, and everybody gets involved. It wasn't like I said don't shoot it. It was just a typical attack like we've been doing except we didn't do it very much at Kansas because they played that diamond and one."

On the difference between first and second half:
"I thought the first half everybody came out focused, and I was very pleased. I thought the second half was awful. You pull your hair out because young people look at the scoreboard. They don't understand that you extend the lead. You don't look at the scoreboard. On the same token, I've got to rest players because I'm getting ready to go to Stillwater. So when you're called to perform, you can't screw up whatever your role is on this team."

On forcing turnovers in the first half:
"Absolutely I was pleased. We came out and jumped on them, and we never let up. I challenged Odyssey Sims to be the best player in this league, to be the best defensive player and win both those awards this year. I wanted to see her get after it tonight, and I thought she did an outstanding job."

Baylor guard Mackenzie Robertson

On stepping up to help out Odyssey:
"I think a lot of us are trying to take that role a little bit just so we can take some pressure off Odyssey [Sims]. If I can step up and hit a few threes, or do whatever it takes, that's what I'm going to try to do. It gives me more confidence."

Baylor guard Odyssey Sims

On getting other teammates involved:
"I was just playing the game. I had more space to give my teammates the ball because they were in man. It's kind of hard to do that in box and one or diamond and one. It kind of opened everything up for the players."

On hitting 3's early:
"It helps us get our intensity up. We're already excited to play, but it gives us more excitement to just get out there and we're excited Mackenzie [Robertson] was making shots. We fed off what she did."


Kansas Head Coach Deb Patterson

On how the game played out:
"I felt like we got the game close, but emotionally I do not feel as if I had a group that was committed to competing. As soon as we got to that point I felt great thinking `let's keep battling, let's keep this game close.' But, emotionally I felt like we played like our tank was empty tonight. I did not feel competitiveness from that first group. Quite frankly, I felt like that started from the chest up.

On how turnovers affected the game:
"We go in at half and they have 30 points off of turnovers, and I felt as though we started to pick up our dribble, we held the ball, we were unfocused, we wanted something go this way for me, or I am quitting on that possession. So I felt like the dam broke for me on the offensive end. I thought those turnovers were just lack of toughness."

On using less of an inside game:
"I thought we had opportunities early and just did not go there. I thought the lane was a lot more crowded in the first half than it was in the second half. Part of that started with our play on the perimeter. I thought our guards were holding the ball. I thought they were insisting on perimeter-oriented plays when we did have options to open the floor and at least try to penetrate the paint. Mentally we just did not make that commitment in the first half. We tried really hard in the second half to do that, and I thought we were significantly more effective."

On how they treated Odyssey Sims defensively:
"We ended up just playing man, and that was really the difference. I know she played 28 minutes so if she plays another 12 minutes maybe her numbers are higher. Odyssey [Sims] puts a whole lot of pressure on your defense. She is just such a great playmaker. She is confident, she is strong with her handle, and she just finds ways to impact the game."



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