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Baylor, Oklahoma Postgame Quotes

Jan. 26, 2012

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JAN. 26, 2012 • ATTENDANCE: 8,103

  Head Coach Kim Mulkey

On the team’s balance in the game:
“If you watch how they were guarding (Brittney) Griner, we didn’t stop trying to get touches, but they I guessed challenged us to have to have that kind of scoring. I felt that they left players open, because they were so concerned on defending Griner. That’s what Division I basketball players do. When you have six players in double figures and you have players like Terran (Condrey), who come off the bench, those players could be starters in many programs. It gave us an opportunity to win on the road. I thought our defense was pretty special.

“(Aaryn) Ellenberg and (Whitney) Hand are two of the best in the league at coming off screens and shooting 3. I just thought if you look at their stats from the 3, we had a hand in their face everytime they shot and every time they came off screens. I was most proud of our defense.”

On OU’s game plan against Griner:
“Brittney’s presence on the floor is, she’s 6-8, she can alter shots and when you think you’ve got a good look at the basket, she can fly over from the help side and block it into the stands. I’ve said this numerous times, Brittney makes all of us change the game. She makes us coach differently. She makes the officials officiate differently and she makes opposing teams change their game plan. That’s all in the offensive end of the floor a lot of times. I sure am glad she’s on our team, because otherwise our guards would really harass the perimeter and get beat back door off the dribble. She’s the next line in defense that they run into.”

  Senior Guard Terran Condrey

On confidence shooting the ball:
“I thought I shot with confidence tonight. BG (Brittney Griner) obviously did a good job at finding me on the floor.”

 Junior Post Brittney Griner

On responding to OU’s defensive plan:
“Just keep running our offense really. When Terran hit that three, it definitely gave us a boost. That was the spark that was able to get us going. After that, I felt like everybody was just ready to increase our lead.”

 Head Coach Sherri Coale

On Oklahoma’s performance:
“I thought we did a really good job early of penetrating and kicking and sharing the basketball. We were moving it around and moving it off penetration. But, we just got worn down. We don’t have anywhere to go. Guys were playing multiple, multiple minutes. It’s a real challenge obviously to try and defend them. When that carries over then there is just a snowball. I just felt like we got fatigued and quit moving. Then we kind of let one play lead into another, lead into another. Suddenly, there is a snowball that you can’t stop.”

On defending a team with depth like Baylor:
“They are the number one team in the country. They have incredible athletes in every position. They come off the bench with incredible athletes. We are just really, really thin right now due to injuries. So, it’s a combination.

“They are all really good players; they are good at every position. Honestly, (Odyssey) Sims is just tough and hard-nosed and she makes big plays. It is hard to keep Destiny Williams off the board when you are trying to keep (Brittney) Griner off the boards; same thing with Brooklyn Pope and it’s the depth in those positions, too.”

 Junior Guard Whitney Hand

On running an offense against a team with a player like Brittney Griner:
“I thought we got good shots. We were 4-for-19 from 3, or something like that. Half of those go in, like they usually do, and it’s a different game. I thought offensively, like Coach (Coale) said, you get exhausted. I don’t know if I was prepared to play like that, personally. I think you have to adjust. Obviously, if you get blocked, it’s still you’re ball.”

On Baylor countering Oklahoma’s early second-half scoring run:
“Kind of like Coach was talking about in the locker room -- you get punched, you come back and fight back. You get punched, come back. That last punch, I don’t know. We just didn’t do a good job on the court of staying together, fighting together. For us, one point turned into 10 points, and next thing you know, you’re down by 20.”



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