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Women's Basketball

Baylor, Kansas Postgame Quotes

Jan. 28, 2012

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No. 1/1 Baylor 74, Kansas 46
Ferrell Center – Waco, Texas
January 28, 2012 - Att. 10,006

  Head Coach Kim Mulkey

On opening tonight’s game with a great start…
“Right now we are playing well. It’s very obvious from the defensive end. I don’t know how many games it has been that we have held our opponents’ field goal percentage very low. I said to them after the game that they need to stay focused. Fans have to stay into it too. I look up and the fans are dead out there at the 10-minute mark. They were sitting in those seats, which I’m appreciative of, but we have got to stay focused. We can’t become complacent. While we are so proud of our 21 wins, we still haven’t won a championship.”

On Brittney’s “easy” game tonight…
“I don’t think anything is ever easy for her because there are bodies around her at all times. She makes it look easy. There may have not been as many double or triple teams later in the game as much as she typically sees, but nothing is easy for her. The easiest thing for her tonight was the inbounds play. She could’ve flushed it, but she didn’t. That’s probably the easiest play she had tonight. She makes it look easy though.”

On getting each player a chance to score tonight for family night…
“I tried to get each of them a look tonight. I did something for Ashley (Field), Suni (Agbuke), and Makenzie (Robertson). Lindsay, maybe not, but she has the ball in her hands every time. I tried to get them all a look. We didn’t set good screens on a couple of those plays.”

Post Brittney Griner

On her missed opportunity to dunk tonight…
“After I got my hands and the ball up there, I realized that I should’ve dunked that. I was wide open. My teammates set me some very good screens. ”

On her excitement after her fourth block tonight...
“I love defense. Blocking shot is definitely my favorite thing to do. I just took a leap. I decided that if I miss it, oh well. I connected and turned into Quincy Acy for a minute.”

Guard Kimetria Hayden

On tonight’s energetic start…
“The first five minutes we played hard when we went out there. We just had a lot of energy ready to play because of our families being here.”

On being a threat from behind the arc and in the lane…
“If I have an open shot, I shoot it. If not, I just ball-fake it and take it to the lane. I just do either or. Whatever the defense gives me, that’s what I will do.”

 Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson

Opening statement…
“With Baylor, you talk about being opportunistic inside and there weren’t a lot of opportunities to score in the paint with Brittney Griner, whether she’s guarding you or just hovering and trying to wait to swat something. I don’t care who plays these guys, you have to be able to step up and knock down some perimeter shots and we didn’t do much of that in the first half. We had a couple. We knocked down a couple more face-up jumpers. Carolyn (Davis) did a good job until she got in foul trouble from a face-up post. We tried to get her the ball off screens and pick-and-pop her a little bit. You know, Angel (Goodrich) was able to hit a few threes in the first half, but if we were able to hit a few more shots in the first half, we don’t dig ourselves such a big hole. Griner is tough to guard and we’ve talked about that with how good she is on the offensive end, certainly she impacts the game, I think, much more on the defensive end. For us and everybody that plays her, I think the game plan makes it very difficult, one because she’s very unselfish. She didn’t toss it out as much tonight because she got great post position, but she’s a very good passer so you may want to try to pick your poison a little bit. At our place last year, Odyssey (Sims) has 21, then, in the tournament, (Destiny) Williams has 23. If you can eliminate that second scorer, that second option and not give Brittney what she’s going to get. But there are times when you gameplan so much and she still gets what she gets and then she gets everybody else uncontested threes and layups. You look at us hurting ourselves from a turnover standpoint, we allowed way too many transition opportunities to one of them.”

On the hole they dug themselves into...
“You don’t come in and play somebody number one in the country at home and turn the ball over and let them shoot layups. I don’t care who you’re playing. That builds a lot of confidence and I’m not sure they really need any. You don’t feel good about yourself moving forward when they’re shooting layups. Yeah, you have to take care of the ball, your offense can’t become their offense and we did that too much.”

On Odyssey Sims...
“She’s a great penetrator and tremendous one-on-one player and an unselfish kid as well, obviously. She got them going in transition. I mean, they’re a great one-two punch and have been since they played together, absolutely.”

Forward Carolyn Davis

On Baylor taking away Kansas’ confidence...
“I think we kind of did it to ourselves. We turned the ball over and they were shooting layups. That kind of shut us down early. They got a lot of confidence. We did it to ourselves. We took bad shots at times and that’s their defense. So, it was a lot of ourselves, but also their defense.”

On defending Brittney Griner...
“I mean, it’s tough. I think I did a great job at times pushing her out early, but then I got in foul trouble. You get her out and make her take a farther out shot and she gets that, there’s nothing else you can do.”



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