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Jan. 30, 2008

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Baylor head coach Kim Mulkey:

On the difference in the second half:

"We talked about the fact that the two things we thought were very important in competing and trying to beat Texas were that you had to rebound, and you had to understand that they're going to mix their defenses and try to keep you off-balance. After we jumped on them and took a lead early, they started playing a little smash mouth basketball and we didn't respond. They started taking it right at us and we were on our heels all night. We were just off-balance, and then late in the game we quit getting post touches."

On the play that setup the game-winning three-pointer:

"I didn't even have to draw it up, it's one we go over every day. It's one of our plays against a zone, and you just make sure that your senior has the ball in her hands and she's the one taking the last shot, and you make sure that the girl who's setting the pick is the best screener that you have. We just told them what we wanted to run, and I told them if you make it we're going to call a timeout, and if you miss it we're going to foul quickly. She made it and we won."

On telling Angela Tisdale to intentionally miss her final free throw:

"Had she made the first one, I probably would've had confidence that she would've made that second free throw, but with 1.7 seconds, just make sure you hit the rim. I didn't want them to have a dead-ball situation where they could throw it deep. She couldn't have missed a shot any better than she did. It didn't just land, it went somewhere and they had to go and retrieve it. The bad thing there is if she shoots an air ball or wouldn't have hit the rim, but again, you just go with your gut, and your senior's at the line, and she did a very good job."

Baylor guard Angela Tisdale:

On her game-winning three-pointer:

"It was just a play coach Mulkey drew up in the timeout, and they bit on it. It felt good. We know we didn't play that well, and Texas played very well, so to win the game under those circumstances felt really good."

Baylor forward Rachel Allison

On the play that setup Angela Tisdale's game-winning three pointer:

"It worked because we executed well, and we took care of the ball. Jazz (Jhasmin Player) got it to me quickly, and the defense didn't really have time to react, and we set a screen for Tizzy (Angela Tisdale) and she was just wide open."

On the defensive stop in the final seconds:

"We did a great job of manning up to them on that last possession, and not letting them penetrate. They were getting some easy baskets on layups, and that was huge. That was one of the biggest plays of the game besides Tizzy's (Tisdale's) three, and it converted into a turnover by them, so I think that was one of the turning points in the game."

On the difference in the second half:

"Coach just challenged us before the game that this is a different team. They're rebounding the ball more, and it definitely showed in the first half. We weren't tough down there, and on one possession they got five or six extra shots, and that was the difference in the second half; not giving them as many shots inside. We picked it up on rebounding."

On playing better defense on Ashley Lindsey in the second half:

"We didn't really change up, we just got challenged to play better defense. We weren't doing a very good job on her, and Danielle (Wilson) stepped it up in the second half."

Baylor guard Jhasmin Player

On the play that setup the game-winning three pointer:

"It was a good play. The play was written up, and we just got out there and were patient. We actually wrote the play up for a zone, and I think they ran a man, or a box-and-one on Tizzy (Tisdale), but Rachel (Allison) set a good screen and everybody was just really patient and confident. Once she fired it up I just felt like I knew it was good to fall. She had enough time, and whoever set the screen did a great job screening. We made some big shots today."

On coach Mulkey telling Angela Tisdale to intentionally miss her last free throw:

"I'm usually told that I'm a know-it-all, and today I actually learned something. Coach told Tizzy to miss the last free throw, and when she said it I was wondering what was going on. Besides the play she called, that was probably the smartest call she made the whole game. Once she explained it after the game was over, I was thinking that I could've never thought that in all of my years of basketball. It was brilliant I tell ya."

Texas Head Coach Gail Goestenkors:

On the game: "I thought it was a heck of a ball game. I give a lot of credit to Baylor. They made the plays when they had to."

"(Angela) Tisdale had been giving us problems all night long."

"I am very proud of my team. I thought we played with tremendous effort and emotions. When you are playing a team as good as Baylor you need to take advantage of all of the little things you can. You need to hit your free throws and you need to take care of the basketball, and we did not do those two things. That makes it tough to beat a team as good as Baylor."

"We will learn from this. We will grow from it and we will get better."

"It doesn't matter if we win or lose, what is important is that we improve every game. This is a process and we are laying the foundation for the program in the future. But when your kids play so hard and with such passion you want them to be able to come away with a win, sometimes."

Texas Forward Ashley Lindsey: On her game: "I played well. My teammates helped me out and got me the ball."

Texas Guard Carla Cortijo: On the last minute of the game: "I thought we had it. That was miscommunication. We were supposed to switch but I thought we did a great job executing."



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