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Women's Basketball

Baylor, Texas A&M Postgame Quotes

Jan. 30, 2011

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NO. 1/1 BAYLOR 63, NO. 6/5 TEXAS A&M 60
JAN. 30, 2011 • ATTENDANCE: 13,162

  Head Coach Kim Mukey

On A&M's defense...
"Truthfully, we didn't get the ball to (Brittney) Griner enough, but that's compliments to A&M's defense. We couldn't get the ball to the wings a lot to allow us to get the ball into Griner. We understand that we have to get better in certain areas, and getting open today was very difficult for us. I'm complementing Gary first on their defense, but we lead the country in field goal percentage defense. We're going to guard you as well. We didn't give them open looks. We won't play another team that defends us as hard as Texas A&M - not in this league, not in the country. They just play very, very hard on the defensive end of the floor."

On defense on Danielle Adams...
"She didn't get a three. I thought the worst part of our defense on Adams was the offensive rebounds we allowed her to get and the put backs. She's not someone you're going to move. She's strong and she got a lot of boards on us and put backs."

On A&M's record crowd...
"It was a great atmosphere. By far it's the best that Coach Blair's program has ever had since we've been coming here. As I told our players, and I mean this, it's a shame he doesn't have that crowd for every game. He deserves it. He shouldn't have to wait for Baylor to come here. It makes all of us that love this game feel valued and appreciated and it was just a great atmosphere."

  Head Coach Gary Blair

On the crowd...
"It was a great ball game, a great crowd and I'm proud of them, but I'm proud of you (the media) for being here as well. That was just good basketball on both ends and that's the story of the game. You saw two well-coached teams and a very educated crowd that gave us a boost."

On A&M's slow start in the first half...
"Our guards were too passive in the first half, short-arming the shots. I told them to at least take it to her (Griner) to find out, but more importantly, we got the baskets down low in the second half and got some confidence."

On forcing defensive turnovers...
"The press created a little bit of havoc for Baylor and they made adjustments. It's hard to play them, but rebounding really hurt us today."

On Danielle Adams' play...
"Baylor had a 6-footer on her the majority of the night. They didn't have Griner on her, they had her protecting home and home base was the lane. Danielle rushed some shots and lost her rhythm, but she still had some big shots for us."

On Odyssey Sims' play...
"She's played like that all year and that's the difference. I don't think there's a freshman point guard in the country that's as good as her. Odyssey has the ability to control in midair and a lot of players don't know how to use that arm. The Big 12 graduated a lot of great players last year, but the strength of our league right now is through the freshmen and sophomores that play."

  Junior Guard Tyra White

On the team struggling offensively in the first half...
"I thought we got a few good looks, but I know my shots were pretty much short. I know coach Blair wanted us to attack like they were attacking us."

On the last shot of the game...
"She got a hand on it pretty hard. It was a pretty good look, but she had a good defensive play."

  Senior Forward/Center Danielle Adams

On what the team takes away from this game...
"I think we did a pretty good job on Brittney (Griner) today. That was probably my main focus, to contain her. (Sydney) Carter had her hands full (with Odyssey Sims), so there are lots of things we can take away that are good. We did a pretty good job as a team; we're not going to let our fans down. It would be great to have a crowd like that every game, to build our energy off of what we already have. Now, we're going to get back in the gym and work hard."

  Senior Guard Sydney Colson

On Baylor's lead in the first half...
"I think a lot of it was them creating turnovers up high and converting them on the other end. Those were just point where you turn it over at the top of the key. Other than that, I thought we were playing pretty well on defense. During that swing, we just didn't take care of the ball.

On her turnover near the end of play...
"I just penetrated too far, I was looking to penetrate and kick. I would love to have those possessions back. A lot of the times we were forcing shots outside, we weren't trying to attack. You can't have that kind of mentality; you have to go at her (Griner)."

On making the three-pointer to tie the game at 60...
"We were just trying to do anything at that point to keep our heads in the game. I remember last year, when I could see it in our eyes in the huddle that we weren't ready, but this year we've been in a totally different mindset. I was excited at that point, but we knew we had to get up and get on the ball."

On what brought them back into the game...
"Our defense for sure, getting up and being in the press, even not necessarily getting a steal, but not letting them walk it up the court. We wanted to take some time off of the clock, to make them run offense with 20 or 15 seconds on the clock, and if we take Griner away, then they have to drive and force it inside."



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