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Women's Basketball

Baylor, Kansas State Postgame Quotes

Feb. 3, 2010

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Head Coach Kim Mulkey
Opening Statement...
"I thought it was important that we get our first road victory. With such a young team, I challenged them that at some point we've got to win on the road and this was, for this particular team, our first road victory. I thought we took care of the basketball, we got good shots, and we only had seven turnovers. That's probably a season-low for us. I thought it was a good win. In the Big 12, victories are hard to come by, especially on the road."

On the offensive run in the second half...
"Well, I thought we were trying to make a run in the first half. We were up nine and you know that Kansas State is going to shoot the three-ball. I thought inexperience and maybe fatigue a little bit, we got caught standing on the help-side and they would drive and kick it. They hit two threes and cut the lead. It was a learning experience. I thought we missed an opportunity in the first half to extend the lead. We came out in the second half and went up seven. I think there was a media timeout or something and you keep teaching a young team, `We've been in this position earlier in the game now how do we extend it?' And we did."

On the defense of Brittney Griner...
"I thought our defense was pretty good tonight. We didn't give them any open looks, I thought the threes that they did make and the shots that they did make, it was with the shot clock winding down. If you do that on the road, you're basically shortening the game. We have no problem with that. I think Brittney's presence in the paint, she allows our perimeter players to have confidence if they should get beat on the dribble. If you get by one player for Baylor, there she stands, and they (opponents) have to make decisions. Am I going in here to shoot it? Am I going to kick it to the other side? Her ability, her wingspan, to block shots, I don't know that any of you or I either one will ever see it again in women's basketball. The dunk, I thought the first one, and I told her so, if you're going to go up and dunk, you've got to make sure you're going to make it. Sometimes two points can be the difference in a ball game. Then she had an opportunity a second time and she went up a lot stronger."

Freshman Center Brittney Griner
On pulling away in the second half...
"In the first half, we had had a nine point lead and dropped that. That did not really sit well with us. We knew we had to come out like we started the game and finish the second half like that, with a lot of intensity and talking to each other on defense. It really helped us finish off the game."

On starting the second half by blocking a shot...
"Starting off with a blocked shot like that not only gets me pumped up, it gets my whole team pumped up. It gives them reassurance that if they happen to get beat off of the dribble I am there to help them out."

On her second half dunk...
"Like coach said, on the second dunk I went up a lot stronger. On the first attempt I am not sure what happened, I know I did not go up as strong as I could have. On the second dunk I knew for sure that I would make it when I got the rebound and went back up with it. I have had way better dunks than that."



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