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Baylor, Kansas State Postgame Quotes

Feb. 4, 2012

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FEB. 4, 2012 • ATTENDANCE: 12,528

  Head Coach Kim Mulkey

On K-State rebounding the ball:
"I thought that the rebounding was very good for Kansas State early in the game and we just did not do a very good job of blocking out. Consequently, I went with a bigger lineup. I thought that the first time tonight that I had Destiny Williams, (Brittney) Griner, and (Brooklyn) Pope in the game for extended minutes and almost all of them had a double-double. With Griner, I do not know how you can guard her. I am glad she is on my team because I could not tell you how to guard her. She was 12-for-16. She was a great leader for us tonight. I just thought Odyssey Sims and her were our two leaders, but I am especially proud of Destiny (Williams) and Brooklyn Pope, because while we have looked at the bigger lineup some but we have not done it lately. I thought it was very effective, particularly because K-State was just crashing the offensive boards."

On the atmosphere early on:
"I want you to take this the right way, because we love big crowds, but Deb (Patterson) has a top-25 team out there. You should not have to sell $1 tickets to get them in the arena, not when you have the No. 1 team playing here, because I have that much respect for her program. They should be paying dollars to get in here and watch her team play. It was a great atmosphere none the less. I am not sure of this stat, but someone told me that we are drawing close to 9000 on average a night going on the road and I am sure a lot of it is because they want to see Griner, and they want to see the No. 1 team that has not been beaten. I thank all the fans for coming out, but they do not just need to be here tonight, they need to be supporting their team every night."

On K-State playing different than at Baylor:
"I do not think so. I think that they made a conscious effort to use the shot clock more, and make us play defense for 30 seconds of the shot clock. They crashed and got a lot of offensive boards in the first 10 minutes of the game."

 Junior Post Brittney Griner

On her performance tonight:
"I just try to do everything that I need to do to help my team win. They did a great job giving me the ball when I was hot."

 Head Coach Deb Patterson

Opening statement:
"I would like to start off by thanking the fans and our crowd. It was an amazing opportunity for us. I thank our promotion department for doing such a great job on spreading the word, and giving us a chance with our promotion. It also gives us an opportunity for our players to play in this kind of crowd. It is very special. I felt like any of our games against Baylor, after the first half, we had positioned ourselves to be competitive, to really make it a basketball game. Early in the second half, I felt as though, when they got some quick, relatively easy baskets, and/or put backs on our defensive end of the floor, we sort of dropped our shoulders and got soft on the offensive end. The last five, six minutes of the first half, we changed our personality a little bit. Obviously, it is a little bit of credit to the defense, but we were not responding at the level I thought we had. In our decision making, in the first 13 and 14 minutes of the half, we had a lot of empty possessions, soft possessions; got on an insisted looks mentality on the offensive end, and we really were not good with that. As the second half started, we never really shook loose, obviously, offensively. That is probably the biggest disappointment to me leaving the floor today. I think we wasted 20 minutes of offensive opportunities.

On the first 16 minutes of the game:
"I think we just had good ball movement and distribution, good spacing; had a really good feel for one another. I think players were real accountable for what it was. We were trying to take the floor and execute on the offensive end. Then, again, part way through that half, for whatever reason, we started to narrow our focus and our dimension. We began to look for one option, one next pass option, one cut, one player; it did not matter who the player was. Our personality changed, and our focus, and our execution; and why? I have no idea."

On rebounding:
"Yeah, we were active. I was extremely pleased with our first; honestly, our first 13 minutes. We were competing. We were bringing energy to the floor. Quite honestly, I think we had players check out mentally. Once that happens, we are toast. It just gets ugly."

On the play of Brittney Griner:
"There was good and bad. On being in motion constantly; a constantly in motion player, she works extremely hard. Today, I do not think we were effectively consistent in our decision making, any one of us; and that hurt us."

On what you take from this game:
"I think we have to continue to get tougher and insist and demand on consistency. In that 40 minutes mentally, it is something we showed and at a very high level this year; toughness and consistency and physicality. For whatever reason, against Baylor, that has not been the case. As we head down the road to A&M, we are playing a similar team in terms of athleticism, size; we will be on the road. What do I take from this game is that we just have to get into the gym on Monday and continue to work on our offense, our ball distribution, our speed at which we execute. We just have to keep getting better basically."

 Junior Guard Brittany Chambers

On the team's performance against Baylor:
"Like Coach Patterson said, we have not played Baylor as tough as we should have. They are an unbelievable team and we would like to see more toughness out of us. I think that the one thing we are taking out of this is that we need to step up our toughness. That is something we showed against Texas and Oklahoma State. We need to continue playing like we did before this game and understand that the teams coming forth are great teams. They are going to come at us tough, especially teams that we are on the road with coming up."

On Baylor's defense:
"They sped us up for sure. They started playing a lot tighter and face guarded a little bit, but we did not hold our composure at all. We needed to slow ourselves down, which we did not."

On guarding Brittney Griner:
"She is 6-8 so it is definitely a huge thing to do. She can be five feet off and you still cannot get an open shot off. It is tough."

On moving past this loss:
"I think we know that we can play but we did not show it tonight. Before this game, especially the last two games, we played like we started out playing in the Big 12. We know how we can play and what we are capable of. Now we just have to go out there and show it."

 Senior Forward Jalana Childs

On what she will take away from this game:
"We had a decent first half. We can always come off of that, but we have more games to play so we cannot be thinking about that. We can learn from it but we cannot go into a game thinking about how we just lost by 30 points. It is not what your thought process is. We have more games to play and we are thinking about the NCAA Tournament. We have to think `win' every single game from here on out. We can learn from it but that's about it."

On Baylor's defense:
"We have to give credit to their defense. They sped us up and took us out of our game."

On Brittney Griner's ability:
"It makes the game tough. When I was on the bench watching and when I was in the game, I was thinking about how I was in front of her but they were just throwing it up. It seems like you are not doing anything. You feel like you could be doing something and it frustrates you a lot. You are thinking that in your head but you have to fight through it and find ways to score and find other ways to make stops."



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