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Baylor-Colorado Postgame Quotes

Feb. 6, 2010

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15/17 BAYLOR (17-5, 4-4) 76, COLORADO (12-9, 2-6) 42
FEB. 6, 2010

Baylor Head Coach Kim Mulkey
On the game...

"I thought Morghan Medlock set the tone for the game. The first play was run for her and she is getting back in the groove and is playing better and has put some games together that has allowed her to get back to being Morghan. That really helps all of us. I think when Melissa Jones went down after the Texas State game we didn't have time to make a lot of changes--we just started conference. I think we have had a little more time to get comfortable out there and those young ones on the perimeter are becoming more comfortable going to the open spots and making the right choices."

On the play of Brittney Griner and the defense...
"The offense that Colorado runs allowed Brittney to stay off of the big girl at the top and just roam a little bit defensively and swat shots. As I told the guys on the perimeter, it is a four out, one in look. Get beat off of the drive because you have Brittney to help you--don't get beat off of the threes. I thought our perimeter defense in not allowing (Bianca) Smith and (Brittany) Spears to hit their usual perimeter threes was big. You don't go 0-for-13 wide open."

On the her energy throughout the game...
"I got pumped off of a lot of things. I got pumped when Morghan (Medlock) hit the first shot of the game. That kind of stuff spreads. Shanay (Washington) has been missing shots going (into the paint) off-balanced so you just make her aware of it and you work on it with her. There were a lot of good things that happened over the last two games (that have gotten me pumped).

Senior Forward Morghan Medlock
On the game...
"It was an exciting night. It was family night and we were coming off of a pretty good win at Kansas State and I just had a lot of momentum and was just excited. I have been practicing well and a lot preparation has gone into each game and I was just ready to play."

Freshman Center Brittney Griner
On taking on more of a leadership role following the Kansas State game...
"I knew we needed that road win. Not having Melissa Jones on the court to talk and keep us going I knew I had to do something. Whether it was telling the team `good shot' or `take a shot', I just felt like I should say something."


Head Coach Kathy McConnell
Opening Statement...

"Brittney Griner is even better in person than I remember from her AAU days, and of course on film. She really changed the complexion of everything tonight, particularly what we were trying to do. I just feel like our players were tentative and went away from her quite a bit as opposed to taking it and stick with what we do and have success at what we do. They just continued to shy away whether it was fear of getting their shot block or not able to have success. We never really got into anything that we wanted to get into. She is a phenomenal player, and of course they respect her, but she definitely changed what we were trying to accomplish. I'm very disappointed in the score and just some of the execution and what we settled for tonight."

On Brittney Griner's Presence...
"Like I said, I think her presence in the middle was something that our players just shied away from. As opposed to driving and kicking and doing what we normally do, they were just tentative and I just saw things that I clearly did not like and expect to see. They took quick shots within the offense for fear that they wouldn't get one off within the 30-second shot clock. I thought Bianca Smith took quick shots and shots out of her game. I thought (Brittany) Spears did the same thing. Collectively they were 3-for-27 and they are our two leading scorers. Both of them had nights like that, but I clearly believe that Griner's presence affected them."

On Colorado...
"They know I believe in them, and we are halfway through and it is eight down and there is eight to go. I believe in them, this coaching staff believes in them. We have got strong character; we have got some young players that are being brought into this league and seeing what this league is all about. If we can maintain the mental toughness that I know that they have; tonight was a tough night and I do not think we battled and I do not think we, at times, played with the energy and the hustle. I thought frustration set in unfortunately, but we move forward and we will wake up tomorrow, we will have the day off and we will prepare for Texas. This is not a league for the faint of heart. This is not a league where you can allow one game or one shot or one bad night really take you out of what you want to do. There is a strong belief in our staff and these young players that we will bounce back and we will respond. You take a look at the standings and you take a look at where people and anything can happen in this league, particularly when you are at home. We are going to bounce back and be ready to go. We are going to take some things from this game and turn them into some positives. One positive was Melissa MacFarlane... I thought she played a great game tonight. Statistically it did not show but she gave us good minutes, got a little more confidence in her. So we are going to take some positives away from this and we are going to build and look back, not really at the score, but at what we did not do very well."



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