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Baylor, Oklahoma State Postgame Quotes

Feb. 9, 2014

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No. 7/6 Baylor 81, No. 12/12 Oklahoma State 64
Ferrell Center - Waco, Texas
Feb. 9, 2014 - Att. 7,113


Baylor Head Coach Kim Mulkey
Opening Statement:

"The first thing we wanted to do is to make sure they executed a half-court offense. They like to push the ball with (Tiffany) Bias and go. We wanted to eliminate as many transition buckets as we could. I thought we did a good job of that. I thought Odyssey (Sims) was very good tonight. She took shots that were good shots. She was just comfortable out there. In fact I thought Makenzie (Robertson) did fine. She had to guard (Liz) Donohoe. You have been waiting for Donohoe to have a break out game, because she has kind of been scoring under her average. I thought she did some things with her size to Makenzie and backing her down in there. I thought Niya (Johnson) was good with distributing the ball with 12 assists to one turnover. I didn't think we rebounded as well as we have been, but that could have been that they emphasized that. I have to go back and look the film and see if they were blocking us out and if they were emphasizing it. Now at the end, I didn't like anything about the way the game ended. I think we gave them three and four rebounds off of missed free throws. I thought we shot the ball too quickly when they went to the zone. We have to keep it in perspective. He had his starters in there and I cleared my bench. I understand how hard it is to come in off the bench cold and yet you are playing against people who have been playing for 30-plus minutes. I will be very selective and careful when we watch the film with how critical I am about the way the game ended."

On the second half:
"They were getting second and third shots and luckily for us they weren't going in. We talked about it in time outs. We talked about it at half time. I think it was seventeen to twelve at the half and you can't let them have that many rebounds. You know we are usually the ones getting those rebounds. I will watch film and see if we were just being out hustled, but we won. There are a lot of coaches that would take a win, wouldn't they?"

Baylor Senior Odyssey Sims
On comparing the two games vs. Oklahoma State:
"They didn't do anything different defensively. I guess I was just more focused in on the last game and trying my best not to have another one of those games. I was just very patient and let the game come to me, and I scored when I needed to."

On playing (Tiffany) Bias:
"It is always exciting to play against one of the top point guards in the country, and I think she is one of the top point guards in the country that I have played against and by far in the Big 12. I think she is quick and fast. She can score anytime she gets ready. She is quick off the screen and she has the ability to shoot the three. She gets her teammates involved. She doesn't try to do too much. She is just a very solid point guard."

Baylor Sophomore Niya Johnson
On creating offense from defense:

"We were just limiting the touches on (Tiffany) Bias, because she is the one that really gets them going. At first, I knew they were going to pass it to Bias, so I just ran in there when they were about to pass it and got it."


Oklahoma State Head Coach Jim Littell
Opening Statement:

"This is a very difficult place to play. I've said since early in the season that Odyssey Sims is the best player in the country and she showed that tonight. One time I think we looked up and she was 13-for-15 or something like that. What's difficult in defending them is when you have to try to help off of her...They're just killing you on the backside boards, because her presence on the floor opens up a lot of things for other people."

On his team's defense vs. Odyssey Sims at home and today:
"She missed some shots at our place. We did a good job on her (at home). We packed it in a little bit more and then (Makenzie) Roberston killed us up there. We decided - we're not going to let someone else kill us, and then you don't help as much. She's too difficult to guard. It's sort of a pick your poison sometimes."

On the play of Liz Donohoe:
"I thought she played with a better tempo and a better pace today. I thought she was seeking some shots. Shooters and scorers have to seek some shots. I think over the last couple of weeks she has turned down some shots and not had it loaded and ready to go, so I thought that was the difference. We did a nice job of finding her in transition. It's easier for her to score in transition. We got some nice looks in the first half that enabled her to gain a little confidence."



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