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Baylor, Texas A&M Postgame Quotes

Feb. 11, 2012

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#1/1 BAYLOR 71, #15/14 TEXAS A&M 48
FEB. 11, 2012 • ATTENDANCE: 10,627

  Head Coach Kim Mulkey

On the overall game:
"I thought the crowd was unbelievable. I thought the Nike uniforms were just awesome. I thought the fans wearing the t-shirts, were just neat. Then you add Trace Adkins. The time he spent with our team prior to the game, after the game, the time he spent with me and my family prior to the game was awesome. But it could have also been a distraction. If you're not careful things can be focused in the wrong direction and that's probably, other than the win, what I was most proud of was that our team was able to compartmentalize all of it. They were so cute with Trace and even coach Barmore was such a lift for the team today. When he showed up today at shootaround, he came around the corner and everybody started cheering and he got very emotional. Just a lot of things that could have distracted us, but it was all good and I thought our team did their part to make it a great day."

On the defensive effort:
"I thought our perimeter defense was outstanding. I thought it was obvious that A&M didn't know who they wanted to bring the ball up. Standish did it one minute and then Carter would do it the next. Odyssey (Sims) and Kimetria (Hayden) just understood what I wanted. I wanted Odyssey on the ball, I don't care who brings it up. I thought those two guards set the tone. If you look across the board, other than her five turnovers, I thought Kimetria had some solid numbers tonight. Destiny got in foul trouble and Brooklyn Pope didn't miss a beat. We're going to guard you. 28 percent shooting is two percentage points higher than we had the last game, so that's pretty good because A&M is a good basketball team."

 Junior Post Brittney Griner

On the team's offense:
"I was able to get some one-one-ones and I was able to kick it out to my guards, so they could get the shot. Then they would come down on me and I would make shots too."

On playing A&M:
"Just looking at the film from the game when they beat us, like I said, that's motivation itself. We just came out focused and all that happened. We didn't want a repeat of that game, so we came out strong and finished strong too."

 Sophomore Guard Odyssey Sims

On the team's focus throughout the game:
"We had a lot of time to prepare for the game and the hard thing is just to stay focused in practice. We stay motivated and forgot what happened in Dallas. We came out here and we played as hard as we could until the end."

On shooting consecutive three-pointers:
"I just shoot when I'm open. If it goes in, it goes in and if not, I just keep shooting or drive to the basket."

On the overall win:
"It feels great. We've beaten everybody and are just taking it one game at a time, not taking anybody for granted and not looking past anybody. We just prepare each day and every day we step on the floor and strive to get better in practice."

  Head Coach Gary Blair

Opening statement:
"You saw why they are the number one in the country, it's not what they did offensively, it's what they did defensively, they made it tough on our lanes to even get open. We couldn't really get into the sets that we wanted to, and a lot of that credit goes to their defense, particularly on the wings. We knew that we were going to have trouble inside, everybody does, but dog-gone-it we're human, we still take it in there and get it slapped back to College Station a few times, but we competed. I was proud of the fight that we had in the second half with our team. We came out, hit a few baskets, they made a couple of uncharacteristic turnovers and we took advantage of them. I don't sugar coat it, I said this team is a work in progress and it's been that way all year. We won seven out of our last eight, and I think we should have been 8-and-0, but you have growing pains and we are learning how to play that Aggie toughness, that mental toughness, that you have to have. And I would have full court pressed and we might have forced a few more turnovers, but then they might have won by 40-45."

On the atmosphere:
"Great experience, great crowd, good for women's basketball, but the one thing that is hurting right now for women's basketball, particularly is the television games. We're having blowouts and that's not good for women's ball. But who is getting on the games are the top 8 or 9 10, 11, 12 teams, and it's up to us to produce better ball games. Television wants to see those games, and they want to see the sell outs, and we've got to do a better job as the opponent when we come in of making the game conducive to where people aren't turning us off at halftime and watching "Hee-Haw" or something."

On the key to beating Baylor:
"A lot of times the key to beating Baylor, and I always put seven keys up on the board, is the key itself. Lock Griner in the bathroom and don't let her out. That's the key. I tried like heck, I sweet talked her, but she just comes up. That kid is special, she is just such a good kid. She deserves all the accolades that she's getting"

On Griner:
"She's a better free-throw shooter, she's 20 pounds heavier, and she's a lot better on the offensive boards this year. How many guys can play 40 minutes of a game at the level she plays? She could play 40 minutes a game every ballgame, because she never takes a play off."

  Senior Guard Tyra White

On 10 minute span in which Baylor held A&M without a field goal:
"They have a 6'8" girl in the middle, so it's kind of hard to attack like we do other teams, but after we got on the floor I think we did a good job of getting the ball inside and just attacking more."

On the crowd:
That's what we play the game for is crowds like that, and to play against the number one team in the country, I think there is respect both ways. I wish we could have given more in the game, but hopefully when they come to College Station it will be a better game."

  Junior Guard Sydney Carter

On the problems outside and defense of Odyssey Sims:
"I just think this shows that we have got to work on our ball handling. She's a good defender, can't take that away from her, she's going to be aggressive, so we just got to attack aggression with aggression and we've got to take the ball to the basket and look for those dishes, because they do have Griner in there, so anytime you do get past Odyssey, she's going to be in there waiting. We just got to knock down those open shots. In the game that we won, we were just hitting shots from the outside and it wasn't necessarily our inside game, it was the outside game, so that's what you've got to have when you're playing Baylor, you've got have some people who can knock down some shots and keep you in the game and we just got to work on our ball handling."

On what has to be different the next time they play Baylor:
"I think it's just like I said, we are going to have to attack their aggressiveness with ours. We can't be scared when you're playing a team like Baylor because you know that they are always going to have that fire when they play us because I think that we have a respect both ways. We beat them once and then they beat us how many ever times they have before, but it can be done obviously. I just think that there is definitely that respect there, but you just have to attack them and find their holes, and like Coach said, we are short-arming layups. I missed, I don't know how many, but you can't be scared if you're going to play Baylor."

On if Griner is better than last year:
"I think she takes her shots. I think she's definitely worked on making them with people hanging all over her arms for sure, but she's just like coach said, she's a good person and she's a good player and you just can't take that away from her. Night in and night out she responds to being triple teamed and sometimes even quadruple teamed, so you definitely have to be a good player if you're playing through all that and averaging 20-something points a game. You just can't take anything away from her, and give her all the credit that she's deserved."



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