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Baylor, Texas Postgame Quotes

Feb. 12, 2011

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#1/1 BAYLOR 96, TEXAS 68
FEB. 12, 2011 • ATTENDANCE: 10,295

  Head Coach Kim Mulkey

On Brittney Griner's performance:
"She must have had memories of what happened in Austin. She was not very good in Austin. She missed many shots there, and she got the ball in the right spots today. I thought transition offense for us was pretty effective. We ran it and when we needed to we kept feeding Griner. It was probably our defense in the first half and our production from players who came in off the bench that allowed us to get excited and got the crowd into it. We kept having the momentum today. We never allowed them to think that they could win this ball game."

On facing the Texas lineups:
"They played a big lineup. They had not been playing that lineup in the previous five victories that they had. It was a different lineup, Anderson was not in the starting lineup so I didn't think they could run like they wanted to with that lineup. We are going to run. I believe championships are won in the half court, and we continue to get better every day in half court execution. You don't ever take away athletes' ability in the open floor. We have athletes that can run the floor and do a little bit of both. Execute in the half court when you need to, and push it and run when you can."

On how this game compares to the Oklahoma Game:
"Coaches have short-term memory. I would have to go back and look at the stats. How did we shoot, how did we defend, I don't know. This was as exciting as any game. When you can clear your bench with 10 minutes to go, that doesn't happen very often. I am just a coach that believes that in this business, what comes around goes around. We had done our job, we have to turn around and play A&M here quickly. Get those players off the floor and get them some rest, and finish the game."

  Senior Guard Melissa Jones

On missing the game against Texas last year due to injury:
"I think it is just great to be able to play against a team again that you missed the previous year because of injury or something. It was just a good overall game for Baylor"

The development of the team:
"One of our biggest goals is to be able to develop that team chemistry. I think we have tremendous talent but it's putting that all together that counts and I think that is what we are working on now and trying to put it all together."

  Sophomore Post Brittney Griner

On the difference between the game in Austin and the game here:
"I was able to square up my shoulders, attack more, and I just kind of let it come to me. And my team helped me out."

  Head Coach Gail Goestenkors

Opening Statement:
"Just congratulations to Baylor. This is the best game I have seen them play. I have seen them play a lot of games, and we played them pretty well at home, but they were clicking on all cylinders. Just a really impressive performance on both ends of the floor for them, and really for everybody. It was a complete team effort on their part. Obviously Griner, we couldn't do anything with her. I feel like we really got beat in every way, shape and form in this game: inside, outside, their penetration. So it is a tough one for us but I want to congratulate Baylor. I told Kim after the game that if they play like this they will win it all."

On Baylor's depth:
"It was tough for us. We thought when Odyssey got that second foul that we might be able to make up some ground but it didn't happen. They just kept going inside to Griner and she was just pretty unstoppable."

On attacking Brittney Griner in the post offensively:
"That was just something that wasn't really part of the play calls. We wanted to penetrate but we wanted to kick it out because we know she is looking to block shots. We usually do a really good job of drawing her but finding somebody else, but tonight we were going right at her and that wasn't something we really wanted to do, so I am sure that seven people regret their decisions"

On the difference between the game in Waco and the game in Austin:
"Well we were hitting our shots in Austin. We got some good looks coming off our ball screens, but in Austin we could hit those shots. Britney did a better job of stepping up off of the screens so it wasn't quite as open and we still had good looks, but we kept missing our shots. You have to make jumpers against Baylor."

  Junior Post Ashley Gayle

On being in foul trouble:
"I think when I got in foul trouble early in the first half and then the same thing happened last game. But I think that their game plan was a lot better to go inside to (Griner) and they are a lot more efficient at that. So once I was out it she had almost every shot open."

  Junior Post Ashleigh Fontenette

On how good Baylor is:
"I think they are the best team we have played thus far. They have every piece that you need to be a great team. They have shooters, inside attack, they play great defense. That is why they are number one."



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