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Baylor, Texas Tech Postgame Quotes

Feb. 12, 2013

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 Head Coach Kim Mulkey

Opening statement:
“We prepared for exactly what we saw tonight. I did not think that they would challenge us with man-to-man again like they did in Lubbock where (Brittney) Griner pretty much dominated. We have seen it all and a win is a win. We won by more tonight than we did with Griner getting 40 because, as I like to say, you shared the wealth. There is lots of scoring on that stats sheet and probably the most impressive thing about that is that you had 34 field goals on 30 assists. That is telling you that a lot of kids are sharing the ball. These guys here, you see them night in and night out, you know what they can do. It is good to see people like Niya Johnson come in and ignite the crowd and keep them in their seats when the game is out of hand. I thought she made some pin-point passes to teammates and they finished. You always acknowledge when a kid gets on the court and has an opportunity to be successful. That was enjoyable for me as a coach. They played defense, they scored, and they felt good about themselves.”

On the keys for Baylor to beat Texas Tech tonight:
“You knew when Tech came here, if you looked at the statistics - they will rebound the ball and they get to the foul line. That was part of our ways to win the game. You shoot more free throws and you make sure you win the rebound battle and I thought we were pretty dominant in those two areas tonight.”

On the mentality of this team moving forward:
“I talked to them today at shoot around about maintaining their focus. We went over specifics with a few of them individually, just to keep them focused. How much do you do, how much do you not do, how much do you get on them. You just have to talk to them sometimes and say, ‘Do you still want to win a national championship? If you do, here are a few areas that you haven’t done too well in as of late. We are not on that floor for long, do it right.’ As I told them today, you don’t ever want to look back and say, ‘I wish I would have done that. That might have helped us get over the hump.’”

 Senior Post Brittney Griner

On having a more complete game:
“These games are fun. When they collapse on me and have two or three on me the whole game; it opens up everyone else on my team. Everybody did a great job on shooting the ball and cutting and attacking. Brooklyn (Pope) and Destiny Williams saw I had two on me and they kept attacking on their side. These games are just as good as the 40 and 50 point games too.”

 Junior Guard Odyssey Sims

On the ability of the team to distribute the ball for points:
“We are just out there having fun. I think when we came out with intensity, like we did when we played them the first time, we never let up. We got on them from the jump and it is always exciting when you are up by a lot and you can share the ball and have fun with it at the same time.”

On Niya Johnson:
“I am just trying to help her out, from one point guard to another. She doesn’t have a lot of experience and I am just trying to prepare her for the next upcoming year she has here. She has very good court vision. She will probably be the all-time assist leader by the time it is all said and done. She is incredible. She can pass the ball and she can see the floor 10 times better than me.”

 Senior Post Brooklyn Pope

On how Griner is able to draw defensive attention and leave open lanes for other players:
“They were running a two-three zone and I just went into my position at the back of the goal and just made myself available for Hayden, Odyssey and Jordan Madden to get me the ball. Texas Tech is small, so they had to play Brittney that way. I just did the same thing I do every night. I just made the shots.”

  Head Coach Kristy Curry

On the play of the Baylor team as a whole [not just Britney Griner]…
“That’s what makes them a great basketball team. She [Britney Griner] makes them better. Credit her supporting cast for stepping up. We gave her 40 at our place and only 10 tonight, but it’s still the same result, so credit that bunch for stepping up and finding ways to help her out tonight.”

On Britney’s development as a player over the past four years…
“She changes both ends of the floor. I’ve said it a million times before, she completely changes the way the game is played – defensively, offensively, how it’s called. I mean there’s nobody like her. There never will be another like her. I was surprised it wasn’t a sellout tonight. They (Baylor fans) just have a couple more chances. They better get out here and see that kid because there will never be another one like her.”

On if there are any differences between last year’s Baylor team and this year’s…
“Their maturity. I just think their maturity level and decision-making has grown up. I think they’re deeper than they were a year ago. They have got players in practice that really work to improve. They also got a couple big bodies inside. Those are a couple factors that make them better.”



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