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Baylor, Texas A&M Quotes

Feb. 14, 2011

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#1/1 Baylor 67 - #5/5 Texas A&M 58 - Feb. 14, 2011
Ferrell Center (Waco, Texas) - Att.: 10,299

Baylor Head Coach Kim Mulkey
On what her team can take out of this game:
"Those of you who follow basketball closely have to appreciate the defense. Both teams guard you. We had trouble running our offense and (Texas A&M) had trouble with their scorers scoring against our defense. We talked about (Brittney) Griner and we talked about (Danielle) Adams and look at the way those two kids scored. Griner ended up with 26 (points) and I thought we did a great job on Danielle Adams. She didn't foul out and she didn't go to the bench, so I thought the time that Destiny Williams played, she did a great job on her. Credit A&M for us not being able to run very much offensively. At the same time, there's an old saying in sports that when the game is on the line you better make sure the right people touch the ball. I think we found out who needed to touch the ball."

On the crowd:
"I thought the crowd was outstanding. It was a great television game. When you hold someone to 58 points, that's pretty darn good. When you hold someone to 31 percent from the field that means your defense is pretty good as well."

On struggling to get the ball to Brittney Griner:
"Part of it is that we were excited. We would get the ball and we were just gone, trying to beat them in transition. Part of it was A&M's defense. Brittney (Griner) just draws so much pushing and shoving down there, I've got to go look and see. Her whole body makeup is such that she never gets frustrated and she never gets flustered down there. She sure takes a beating down there. I thought just a lot of what (Texas A&M) wanted to stop, started with Griner. They did a good job."

Forward Brittney Griner
On coming out strong in the second half:
"My team just got me the ball. I worked to get it in good position so they could good get it to me. I just kept going to the basket. I kept trying to go to the rim."

On the play from Odyssey Sims:
"I know when we locked eyes that (Odyssey Sims) is great passing the ball to me over the defenders. I just took off running and looked at her and gave her that look like, `Alright, I'm ready.' She gave it to me."

Guard Melissa Jones
On her bringing defensive pressure:
"There is just something real special about this team. When we were down so much of the time and going into halftime it seemed like nothing was going for us. But everyone was just pulling for each other. We were all trying to say things to each other here and there to get us going. There is something special with the team that we all have each other's backs no matter what. At the end of the day, we are all encouraging each other to keep going and keep pushing. I think that just brought us together and we got the ball to Brittney (Griner) to try and finish the game."


Texas A&M Head Coach Gary Blair
Opening statement:
"I am proud of these young ladies. The nation got to see the No. 1 and No. 5 team in the nation and we played like it. We did everything right until the last three and a half minutes, and they did everything right in the last ten minutes of the game. They did a great job of getting the ball down inside to (Brittney) Griner and she finished. What an atmosphere, it's a great crowd you had. We didn't make good decisions down the stretch. Baylor's half-court defense is pretty good. And that is when you have to take care of the ball and keep running your offense. I was running out of plays to call for Tyra (White); I called everything I had. And the easiest shot she had was when I put her at the point guard and she had the wide open shot in the middle, and for once, she probably got nervous because Griner wasn't there. Other than that I am proud of these ladies, we will take it, and we played the best team in the country tonight. Give all of the credit to Baylor, they did what they had to and it was a great comeback. We had a seven point lead in the second half and we couldn't finish. A lot of that was because of Baylor and our lack of execution in the last three minutes."

On trying to guard Griner:
"Danielle (Adams) and (Sydney) Colson both know that they have to do better in the big games and that's the bottom line. They have got to play better and they will play better. This is the first time in thirty-something games that Danielle didn't have double figures but she still played her heart out. Baylor really contested her well, and that is how you stop someone. You just put a hand in their face and contest like you are in the NBA or something. I guess it was (Destiny) Williams there most of the time and she really did a great job on her."

On what this game says about the strength of the team:
"Same story as at our place. Same story we have had the last seven times we played Baylor. I am not giving up trying. I will keep banging on that door until we get it done. That's how much respect I have for Baylor, that's how much respect I have for my team. We will keep finding a way. But I guarantee that Baylor wants to jump in and play us tomorrow. It wasn't just all our defense, we ran some pretty good sets to get people open and we had some very good shots in the first half that didn't go down. But we will just go back to the drawing board and just keep working."

Post Danielle Adams
On how Baylor was able to slow her down:
"Well they just played really aggressive defense. Destiny Williams and Brooklyn (Pope) play really aggressive defense. When I was turning to shoot Brittney was there to alter my shot, they are a good defensive team and that's what they were tonight."

Guard Sydney Carter
On the last three minutes of the game:
"We didn't capitalize, we didn't hit shots when we needed to and we turned the ball over unforced. It was just bad offense on our part. We didn't capitalize at all and we didn't hit shots that we needed to. And we weren't stopping them on defense."



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