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Baylor, TCU Postgame Quotes

Feb. 16, 2013

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 Head Coach Kim Mulkey

On being able to rest players:
“I wish we could do that every night. The game presented itself where we could rest players. In the back of your mind every game you would like to rest players, because that will allow the younger ones to get more experience and we were able to do that today. It’s especially good because we have such a quick turnaround and play Connecticut Monday.”

On tonight’s 32 bench points:
“It looked to the average fan that there were a lot of good things happening out there from different kids. Niya Johnson’s passing was evident. She can make you look good. I also thought Kristina Higgins was powerful in the paint today. All they need is experience. All they need is playing time, and you see signs of what can be in the future.”

On playing Connecticut next week:
“It’s good for women’s basketball. It’s good for television. It’s good, I guess, for our program. We’re going to fight and coach hard and play hard and try to win, but I’m ready for next Saturday. I’m ready to celebrate a Big 12 Championship. If we go to UConn and we win, then it’s great. You’re supposed to win; you’re number one in the country. And if we lose, what have we lost? Nothing.”

 Senior Post Brittney Griner

On watching the bench players on the court:
“Any time the bench can get on the court early and the young players can get valuable minutes in the game, it is going to make us better. It’s good to see them out there playing. They looked really good out there tonight.”

On not dunking when she had the chance:
“I just had to take the little groan from the fans, because if I had went up there and gotten hung, it would’ve been worse.”

Freshman Guard Alexis Prince

On playing with more confidence:
“I feel more confident. I’ve just been practicing every day and going through the season.”

  Head Coach Jeff Mittie

Opening Statement…
“Well, they’re obviously a very impressive team. Their defense gave us trouble getting up open looks. Their length is very impressive. Not only do they have talented athletes, they’re also well-coached. They guard the arc very well, they have a protector of the rim and we struggled all day with that. When you get a few tipped, you start to question yourself and then we started turning down good shots to get one blocked later. Tough shooting for us. They did a great job on our top scorers. ”

On Baylor’s bench play…
“They got a talented bench. Prince could be a starter for a lot of teams. To look at her today as compared to when we saw her in January, her game is much much better. She is a very confident player. Higgins played well. Obviously I’m paying attention for down the road. I thought their bench played very well.”

On his impressions of the Big 12 after playing a season in it…
“I don’t think there is any doubt that it’s the best league in the country; I think that’s been proven. The physicality of the league to the athletes of the league combines the best skill. Those things tend to be cyclical, but in women’s basketball this league has been the best for 5 or 6 years based on RPI. The size across the board is very impressive and has given us problems. Yeah, I’m impressed with the league.”



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