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Baylor, Iowa State Postgame Quotes

Feb. 19, 2014

Recap |  Box Score |  Notes

No. 6/5 Baylor 89, No. --/23 Iowa State 51
Ferrell Center - Waco, Texas
Feb. 19, 2014 - Att. 6,758

Baylor Head Coach Kim Mulkey
On tonight's win:
"Well there won't be many more nights where we hit more threes than Iowa State. This particular team that I get to coach this year does have some three-point shooters. I thought our defense was good. I was especially impressed with our bench coming in, and they didn't turn the basketball over. They had a lot of energy defensively. We hadn't seen a diamond and one on Makenzie (Robertson). That was new for us. It kind of startled Odyssey and all of us, but we finally figured out how to handle it, and Makenzie got on track that second half when they went to a straight two-three."

On the passing game tonight:
"Odyssey and Niya (Johnson) both finished with nine and 10 assists to one turnover by just sharing the basketball and just running. I thought one of the highlights of the night was when Odyssey was going to take (their defender) one-on-one in the open court, and I don't know where Ieshia (Small) came from. She was in a dead sprint and Odyssey delivered the perfect pass and she laid it up. That's entertainment right there."

On getting starters rest and bench players experience:
"It was good that we got to rest players this last stretch before heading into the conference tournament. I know after the conference tournament that we will have a lot of time off. We need to rest people when we can. I just think that Khadijiah (Cave) and Kristina (Higgins) are playing their best basketball right now. They have a lot of energy, and they should. It showed tonight. I think you saw that all of those guys who came in didn't miss a beat."

Baylor Senior Odyssey Sims
On her big play with Ieshia Small:
"I did (see her out of the corner of my eye). I saw her running really hard. When I'm always in the open floor I'm always looking for my teammates, because they run extremely hard. I saw Ieshia basically coming out of nowhere, and I gave her a reward for running hard."

On only taking 13 shots tonight:
"I was just more calm (tonight). I really don't look to take a lot of shots. I just normally go with the flow. I think I was more open off the pick and roll in the zone. Our bench did a great job of coming in and finishing shots. That always helps a lot."

Baylor Sophomore Kristina Higgins
On gaining confidence shooting tonight:
"It definitely (helps me gain confidence). I'm always open off of the pick-and-pop because my girl is always trying to double up on Odyssey. It helps the team out if I can hit that shot, and it will help Odyssey out because she's open. They'll stop doubling her and guard me."

On guarding a tall Iowa State team
"Christofferson is my size, but she is a guard, so I was nervous about her hitting a lot of threes on me. I thought we did a really good job on defense keeping them off. They were trying to hit a lot of shots. It was easier for us on the inside than it has been in a lot of games."


Iowa State Head Coach Bill Fennelly
Opening Statement:
"They are a very good defensive team and when you play a great team you have to do what you can do too. You can't beat yourself and I thought we had about a four-minute stretch where we missed free throws and wide open threes. Points off turnovers is a big thing we talked a lot about. They stole the ball and got a lot of points. When it was a six-point game we guarded an inbounds play completely wrong and Odyssey (Sims) is the player of the year for a reason, and she sticks a three on us. We need to make shots. We are not a team that has a great post game. We have a volleyball player playing 14 minutes as a backup when Hallie (Christofferson) gets four fouls. We didn't play very well at all and that is disappointing. Obviously, you have to give Baylor a lot of credit for that, but there are things we needed to do better at both ends of the floor and when you don't against a good team, this is what can happen."

On seeing Baylor for the first time this season:
"They are a very good team because they have star-quality players. You go from Brittney to Odyssey, but I think that Mackenzie Robertson is an all-conference player. I really do. The way she plays, defends and shoots it. Johnson does exactly what they need her to do. She is a pass-first point guard. They are always well prepared and just keep coming at you in waves. They don't let you relax. That is something we kept saying. You can never relax. There are not a lot of teams you play that you can say that about. When they shoot it like they shot it today there are no answers for us. I don't know about anyone else, but when they are making the shots that they are making from the three, they are impossible for us to beat."

On Sims' progress as a player from when he coached her for Team USA:
"You won't need clips for her All-American tape. They will just send this one in. I think that the one thing I have noticed is that offensively her decision making is really good. They run a lot of stuff for her to get a lot of shots and that is fine, but I think she is one of the few players who can dictate the game at both ends of the floor. There are great scorers and great defenders, but she is good at both. I had the honor of coaching her and she loves to win. In my mind she is the player of the year in the country and she is playing like it. To her credit and the way they manage the program she waited her turn. She is a winner and it was an honor to coach her. She is a great player and someone who when she graduates I will wish her the very best and send her a nice graduation card. I hope that the next time I see her we are on the same team for USA Basketball."

Iowa State Senior Forward Hallie Christofferson
On the strong start, but eventual loss:
"We came out how we wanted to and how we prepared to. Down the stretch, Odyssey (Sims) made big plays and everybody fed off her energy. They got offensive rebounds and put them back in."

On Baylor's defensive effort on her:
"I take this on myself. They were playing good defense, but I just didn't make some shots I should have."

On the team struggling to shoot the three in the game tonight:
"It is a big deal because it is so much of what we do. We just have to find other areas and ways to get points."



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