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Baylor, Texas A&M Postgame Quotes

Feb. 22, 2010

Recap |  Box Score |  Notes

No. 17 BAYLOR (20-7, 7-6) 65, No. 12 TEXAS A&M (19-7, 7-6) 63
FEB. 22, 2010 • ATTENDANCE: 7,233

On the game ...
"Twenty-one rebounds. I don't know if I've ever coached a kid with that many. Problem is, she now has to exceed that. Brittney Griner, late in the game when she got touches, she made powerful moves to the glass. When she missed, she got her own misses. That was something we needed at that time. I thought our babies (underclassmen) grew up tonight. We haven't played bad basketball. Iowa State drilled us. Iowa State would have beaten anyone that night. You are just playing and peaking and doing the right things at the right time. I saw that tonight (in our team)."

On A&M's play ...
"They are never going to go away. They are well coached. You have seniors on that team knowing it's their last season to play. It was a typical Big 12 battle. It was a needed win by us. A&M needed to win, too. It was just a good basketball game and good for television. We talk about A&M's defense and many stories have been written about it. How they want to make the game nasty. That's how they play. If statistics are looked at, we play pretty good defense ourselves. I thought our kids did some things defensively to disrupt their leading scorers tonight."

On her last sequence of plays and her rebounding in the game ...
"I really didn't get to block it, if you have someone 6-foot-7 with long arms, you don't think about it. (My rebounding tonight was a reflection of) watching film with my coaches. They got me prepared. I took it all in. When the game is on the line, do you want to be the player to take the shot or not take on that pressure? It was something I wanted."
On the game ...
"I think on Saturday and Monday, you saw two NCAA playoff games and two very good teams. It's sort of mindboggling we were playing for third, fourth, fifth and sixth place in the league by the way both of us played tonight. That's how good this league is. Give Baylor a lot of credit. After we hit the shot by Tanisha (Smith) at the end, we were doing a two-for-one. We had 50 something seconds left and we wanted to do a two-for-one. We got exactly what we wanted, it just didn't work out and (Brittney) Griner did her thing on the other end. We missed some shots and (Sydney) Carter didn't have a great shooting night. They were all contested. Tanisha played very well all night. We are so used to getting people (on defense) and Coach (Vic) Schaefer was trying to soften them up. This is a team (Baylor) that doesn't shoot the three. I wouldn't shoot it either, if I had (Wilt) Chamberlain in there. At the end, we went to get them a couple of times, but it didn't work out. (Kelli) Griffin hurt us in the first half. It was a game that was going so quick and it was a good game for television. I'm proud of my basketball team. We executed well down the stretch. We got the shot we wanted. The right kid had the basketball and tried a 10-foot bank shot and it didn't go in. It hurts (missed free throws), but sometimes, you can't do anything about it. We stayed in the game in the first half, because of two turnovers. We made some pretty good decisions out there tonight."

On Baylor freshman phenom Brittney Griner ...
"I've seen them all. (Coach Leon) Barmore and I could write a history book. I played Lisa Leslie, Lisa Miller and Anne Donovan, the best of the best. I've played against them all. She's the best, or going to be the best by the time she finishes at the post position. The one thing they did well, was their transition game. It was beautiful to watch, but the only problem was, I was on the other team. Even though they missed, Griner is going to get the little shot. She's not the one who beat us. Give (Morghan) Medlock some credit. (Kelli) Griffin and Medlock were the ones that hurt us. She's the best freshman I've ever played against. This kid is changing the game. Those other kids were adding to the game on how well they handled the ball and played the game tonight."

On the game and moving on from the loss ...
"We just have to get better. Both teams worked hard and executed their game plan tonight. They (Baylor) just came out on top today. We just have to go back to the practice gym and learn from it. They weren't doing anything different, they were just trying to execute their game plan."

On Sydney Carter's last-second shot ...
"It wasn't (a) bad (shot) on her part, it just wasn't our night."

On her last-second shot ...
"It hurt really bad that I missed that shot. I wasn't really worried about (Brittney) Griner blocking it, because I was already past her. Coach Blair said he wouldn't have wanted anyone else to take up that running layup, but me."


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