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Women's Basketball

Baylor, Texas Postgame Quotes

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 Head Coach Kim Mulkey

Opening Statement…
“Well first of all I want to compliment Texas. I think sometimes when you play hard and you haven’t been winning games you can kind of get dejected, and I just thought Texas played hard and played with a purpose. I also want to compliment our team because when you have won a Big 12 Championship, you have to dig deep within your soul as a competitor and figure out a way to keep winning. It is hard to motivate yourself sometimes when you have won, but yet at the same time you understand the value of a loss. A loss for us right now would probably send shockwaves through the country, but at the same time as a coach it would help me motivate them a little bit more. I thought the crowd was absolutely outstanding. A noon game, nationally televised, they came on the court at the end to help us celebrate. Those are memories.”

On the challenges facing this team moving forward…
“I am going to say something, and it is mighty early, but I don’t have a problem saying it. The problem for this particular team at Baylor is not just to win another National Championship, it is what is your legacy going to be in the game of Women’s Basketball? If you can dig deep within your soul and win another championship, you will secure what in my opinion is a legacy of being one of the greatest teams to ever play this game. That is a bold statement. You have got an All-American point guard, an All-American post player, and then you look at the players around them, they are All-Americans in their own right as well. That is a challenge and something that I have tossed out to them. I have been around the college game since I was 18 years old. I have played on some of the greatest teams to ever put on a uniform. This team has that talent to someday be talked about like that, but they haven’t done it yet. They have got to go out and do it. It sure is something to throw out there.”

On successfully completing the goal of repeating as Big 12 Champions…
“We enjoy it. Didn’t you hear that Louisiana music out there? How could you not enjoy it? That was the best thing I have heard in 13 years. I like country music, but sometimes you have to have some Louisiana music. (Winning the Championship) is enjoyable. It is enjoyable for me again, but I enjoy it for people who experience it for the first time. There were many fans out there who were here for the first time. I enjoy it for all of the players, but I especially enjoy it for the freshmen when it is their first time to be in that environment. It is like with anything, the first time always seems to be the most enjoyable, but I enjoy them all for a lot of different reasons.”

 Junior Guard Odyssey Sims

On Brittney Griner’s big game offensively…
“When teams play us man to man, Griner has a lot more opportunities to go and score. No one can guard her one to one, so we just kept getting it to her.”

On being able to celebrate the team’s second Big 12 Title…
“It is always fun to be able to celebrate. Having our fans on the court, and our family, it was fun. I like the confetti and everyone getting to come on the court. We get to act silly and coach doesn’t mind.”

  Head Coach Karen Aston

Opening Statement...
"First of all, congratulations to Baylor, they are a very good basketball team and a good representative for our conference. I thought our team fought very hard today. I personally feel like we are really growing as a team. We are extremely young and low on numbers, but I felt that we had a lot of players step up today and play hard."

On the first half performance...
"I thought we did all we could from a competitive standpoint. When you are a young team going against a team like Baylor, or any team in the Big 12, they will make you pay for taking a few plays off, and we just took a few too many plays off today."

On their growth as a young team...
"I think every game in the Big 12 is a test. You want to grow in every game that you play. I thought that we improved a lot in Lubbock and we followed that up with a win at home against Kansas. We were able to stay competitive in this game, and that is a testament to our growth as a team."

 Junior Guard Chassidy Fussell

On the first half performance...
"We just played together as a team, we worked hard on defense and we worked hard to get open looks."

On opening the game with a facemask...
"The doctor told me I needed to wear one, so I came out and my first shot was wide open and it was an air ball so I had to take the mask off."

 Sophomore Forward Nneka Enemkpali

On stopping Brittney Griner...
"Honestly I really don't know. We failed to get backside help from the guards a couple of times, but we also let her get position too easily. She is a good player and you have to be alert at all times when you are playing against her."

On playing the number one team in the country...
"We talked amongst ourselves and we really wanted to finish Big 12 play on a good note. I think the biggest thing about this game was that we fought hard and we never gave up. We played as a team the entire way."



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