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Baylor, Oklahoma Postgame Quotes

Feb. 24, 2014

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No. 6/5 Baylor 96, Oklahoma 89
Ferrell Center - Waco, Texas
Feb. 24, 2014 - Att. 6,808

Baylor Head Coach Kim Mulkey
On why Baylor struggled in the second half:
"I didn't play Sune (Agbuke). I didn't play her the rest of the game, because we had a 32-point lead. It was the time to allow those young players to play. They had been playing well. Sune's achilles is sore, so I thought it was the time to let this young bunch at the post play. I thought that it totally changed the complexion of the game when I didn't put her back in there, because she is a wall back there and a defensive presence when those guards penetrated. We just didn't get it done on that end of the floor in that position. We hung on, and we won. Thank goodness we had the 32-point lead. If we hadn't had that, I wouldn't have rested Sune. It's not an injury, she can play. I just made the decision to do that. I just didn't think Kristina (Higgins) and Khadijiah (Cave) handled that very well on the defensive end of the floor."

On what they can take away from tonight's win:
"There's going to be a lot of teaching things. I didn't walk into that locker room celebrating. I'll celebrate Sunday if we win a Big 12 championship. I do keep it in perspective, and we won the game. We scored a lot of points. You make 12 more free throws and score more points. We also gave up a lot of points. I wasn't pleased with the way that we handled the second half after Sune went out defensively. It wasn't like they came in and ran a new offense. I just didn't like the way we handled things defensively. Give Oklahoma credit, they started making shots that they missed in the first half."

On Makenzie doing the little things that make differences in games:
"There were several of them that Makenzie got to. Steals, reach-ins and saving it on the baseline. That's why she is on the floor. She makes plays that maybe a lot of fans don't see, but if you are a student of the game you realize her value to this basketball team and why she is having a great senior year."

On Nina Davis's contributions to the team:
"Nina has pretty much been consistent all season. She was the freshman that no one knew about. I didn't know if her size would be a factor at this level. It's not, and in some ways it is an advantage for Nina. She can get to balls and can get her shot off in there among the bigs. She can get to loose-ball rebounds and can run the floor. She's a hard person to guard. I'm not surprised. I kind of expect it every night now."

Baylor Senior Guard Makenzie Roberton
On what got away from Baylor early in the second half:
"I really don't know. I just remember looking up and it was cut by a lot. I think a lot of it was them pushing the ball really well as we didn't get back in transition. They were making baskets as we took bad shots. We weren't really rebounding as well as we have been all season."

On her offensive rebound that put Baylor back in the game:
"We talk every day about running to the boards and grabbing rebounds. I saw her shoot, and no one was really under the basket, so I just crashed it. I didn't know where it was going to go. It happened to be an air ball, and I grabbed it. I just wanted to save it and give us another chance. Nina was there to put it back in."

Baylor Freshman Forward Nina Davis
On what the team felt seeing their big lead cut down:
"I wouldn't say we were nervous. We all gained a greater sense of urgency. Why did we let a 32-point lead get cut down so quickly? We knew what it took for us to get the lead, and we just needed to start rebounding and stop them in transition. We could win the game."

On the strong first half of the game:
"I felt really good. I felt like we came out ready to play and focused. Everyone contributed. I'm glad that we came out to a good start."


Oklahoma Head Coach Sherri Coale
On first half troubles:
"It's hard to stay focused, aggressive, and do all those things defensively, when you come up empty possession after possession offensively, especially against a great team like Baylor."

On the return of Aaryn Ellenberg:
"Her fight is obvious. I did not want to play her as many minutes as I ended up playing her. I wanted to keep her out of harm's way, but being the competitor that she is she fought to stay out there and play through it."

On second half comeback:
"We unfortunately, fortunately know how to claw our way back from a large deficit. I say unfortunately because what in the world are we doing down 22 or 27 in the first place? I guess the grit and the sinew of kids to fight back in the face of those odds, that makes you proud."

Oklahoma Senior Guard Aaryn Ellenberg
On being down 32:
"I think it was just not worrying about whatever the score was, making mistakes, missing shots. It was just playing each possession the way it should be played and not taking a possession off. It was individually people making plays on their own, or together, sharing the ball. I think that's where it turned around."

On if she was rusty:
"A little bit. I think more of the playing and the speed, trying to calm myself down and not going too fast, trying to get used to the pace of everything again."



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