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Baylor, West Virginia Postgame Quotes

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 Head Coach Kim Mulkey

On the depth of the team:
"If you have followed our team the last three or four years since this senior group has been at Baylor, I feel like sometimes I am repeating myself, but this is not the Brittney Griner show. I have six McDonald's All-Americans out there and I have got kids at every position that can just play. They can score and they are unselfish. They chose to come to Baylor to play together. They didn't choose to go separate places so that they could compete against each other. They wanted to win a championship and they have done that and now the challenge is for them to try and win another one. They are all good. They are all very good players.

"Brittney gets a lot of the attention and she should. Odyssey Sims should get a lot of attention, but if you look, like you said, down the stat sheet, they can all score. I thought tonight, from the tip, we guarded West Virginia. We talk a lot about what we do on the offensive end of the floor and I don't think people talk enough about what we do on the defensive end of the floor. We gave them some open looks and we got confused a little on switching, but every time an opponent shoots, we want a hand in their face. I think we play just as hard tough-nosed as West Virginia does."

On Odyssey Sims and defensive play:
"It's not just her offense. I always tell people, I don't know what is worse, Brittney Griner blocking my shot or Odyssey Sims stealing the ball from me. And that's what I get to coach on the defensive end of the floor. When you're an All-American, everybody talks about that offensive end of the floor, but to watch two all-American kids take great pride in what they do defensively, whether it's blocking shots, steals; it's just fun for a coach."

On the atmosphere:
"It was a good day. I thought the crowd here was outstanding. That crowd needs to be here for every game, not just when Baylor comes to town because that's good. That's healthy for West Virginia, that's healthy for the Big 12 and that's healthy for our sport. We love that. We had fans come to the hotel before we left."

  Head Coach Mike Carey

Opening Statement...
"I thought we played scared in the beginning. I thought the second half we came out and cut it to eight and finally we started playing and moving a little bit. A couple fouls and missed shots, we put them at the foul line and they went back up and we were never back in it. It was good to see we had that one run, a shame we didn't continue that run just to make it interesting."

On senior night:
"Yaya, it's her last home game here and she's been a great player for us. She is a great young lady and graduated already and is on her master's. I'm really proud of her and just wish her the best."

On the crowd:
"Fantastic crowd--unbelievable. I want to thank everyone for coming. I'm just a little embarrassed we didn't play better.

"This was an opportunity. I like those types of opportunities and we like our team to have those of opportunities. I'd love to play Baylor again next week. They put it to us here, but I thought there was a stretch there where we got a little confidence, so we just need to build on that."



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