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Baylor, Iowa State Postgame Quotes

March 3, 2012

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MARCH 3, 2012 • ATTENDANCE: 9,453

  Head Coach Kim Mulkey

On how implementing a press changed the pace of the game…
“I’m going to give my assistant coaches credit for that. They kept bugging me the first half to do it, and being hard-headed or stubborn I didn’t do it. I also didn’t do it at the start of the second half. Then I had them in my ear wanting to change the pace of the game, and it was a great decision. We were playing at Iowa State’s pace as they were hitting threes all over the floor and penetrating. We got suckered into helping when they kicked out for threes. It was a great decision, but give my coaching staff credit for that.”

On Brittney Griner’s footwork tonight…
“Brittney (Griner) and Destiny (Williams) only missed five shots. So they both had opportunities to score one-on-one, both at the high post and the paint. While they want to be unselfish and pass it out, but sometimes when you’re in a one-on-one, you don’t ever kick it out. I just thought that both of them got to the rim and finished. They got to the rim and were very effective.”

On goals for the rest of the season…
“Starting the season, it was no secret that we were going to be ranked in the top of the polls. We put a schedule together that would challenge us against the other top teams in the country. You think along the way ‘Hey, I don’t care what the win-loss record is. All we care about is winning six games at the end of the season.’ Being said, never do you ever think that you are going to go undefeated. You just can’t think like that because there are too many good teams. But if you reflect on it today, these guys that you get to coach… wow. It’s hard to go through the kind of schedule we went through and maintain your focus, maintain the excitement for the game, take everyone’s best shot, and still win a basketball game. That’s pretty uncommon. We’re pretty appreciative of it. It’s on the backburner now. We’re going to try to win three games in the Big 12 tournament, but we’re focusing on those last six.”

  Junior Center Brittney Griner

On the challenge of guarding Anna Prins…
“She’s a great player. When you play great players, it brings out the best in you. It makes me have to defend to perimeter and fight through screens which teams try to throw at me. I love going up against her.”

  Junior Forward Destiny Williams

On what being undefeated in the regular season means…
“It’s an honor, but it really doesn’t mean anything until you win a national championship. I think we’ll all be pretty proud of that. Give ourselves credit for working hard and not allowing our opponents to make as many shots to come away with a win. It’s a work in progress and there are things we have to correct, but it’s an honor and something we would love take along the way.”

  Head Coach Bill Fennelly

Opening statement…
“That’s obviously a great team. They played a great second half. The two things that we talked the most about; we had to make a lot of shots, a lot of threes, and we did in the first half. We had to keep them off the free throw line, and we didn’t do a very good job of that. Their defense picked up, they did a great job, and we panicked a little bit. When you panic against a great team and you’re not making shots, it’s tough. They’re a great team in a lot of ways, and certainly a team that has very high aspirations.”

On the play of Odyssey Sims…
“She’s a great player. I would be shocked if she’s not a first-team All-American. Obviously, when you have Brittney Griner on your team you probably don’t get as much [recognition] as you normally would, but she’s a great player and a dynamic defender. I think the thing with Odyssey and Brittney both, is that there aren’t many players that can impact the game on both ends of the floor, and they have two. That’s pretty special. Lots of great teams have a great player, but when you have someone that can start the play at both ends and finish the play on both ends, that’s pretty dang good. I think that’s a big reason why they’re so good.”

On improved play of Brittney Griner…
“She just keeps getting better. I think that’s to her credit and to the coaches. She’s not just a tall kid. She’s a basketball player, a great basketball player. Her footwork is good. Her timing is good. Look at how many post players in this country have more assists than turnovers. That’s unheard of in the women’s game. She doesn’t turn the ball over. She’s patient. They know when to get her the ball and how to get her the ball. The game seems to slow down for her, and her skill set has improved dramatically. Again, that’s just a credit to her and the coaches here.”

  Junior Post Anna Prins

On improvement of Brittney Griner’s game…
“It’s a huge pleasure for me to play her. She makes me better every time. Tonight, I was very impressed with her footwork, and it was very challenging for me to guard. I can tell she’s been working really hard, and she’s just a tough, tough player. Again, it’s a pleasure to play against her.”

On staying close with Baylor in the first half…
“I would say the first half was so fun, and to even see Chelsea Poppens hit her first three. In these kinds of games, knowing that you’re playing the No. 1 team in the country, you just have to go in knowing you’ve got to be competitive, but also have fun. We need to keep working on putting a full game together. We’ve had inconsistency this whole year of playing a really good first or second half and not finishing on the other half, so again it’s something that we need to keep focusing on.”



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