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Baylor, Texas Tech Postgame Quotes

March 3, 2010

Recap |  Box Score

No. 14/15 BAYLOR (22-7, 9-6) 69, TEXAS TECH (17-12, 5-10) 60
MARCH 3, 2010 • ATTENDANCE: 7,602

On the punch thrown on the court tonight
"You saw it, there is no place for that in sports. I will deal with Brittney Griner and it won't be discussed in the media. You saw the game, leave it at that. Not Kristy (Curry), not me, not any coach, not any player will ever be proud of what took place on that floor tonight."

On Texas Tech's performance after the punch was thrown
"I am sure it was motivating. They hit some big shots and seemed to energize the crowd."

On how they were able to hold on to the lead
"I think there was about nine minutes left on the clock and we just kept competing and got to the foul line and shot some free throws and kept the ball in Kelli's (Griffin) hands. I thought Ashley Field and Morghan Medlock got some big rebounds to give us another 30 seconds and just kind of, just hung on. Just basically had a big enough lead and enough composure and poise with some of the kids to hold on and win."

On how big this win is
"It is big. We are trying to get a top four seed. We now go home and play Texas and I am not certain, correct me if I am wrong, if we could win the next one I think we get, pretty much, guaranteed a four seed but I don't know. I have been told that. That is just somebody telling me in my ear. I don't study that stuff. I know that we are playing good basketball and it is a good thing that we are playing it late in the year. We will get those injured kids back, hopefully for the NCAA, not hopefully, we will get them back for the NCAA playoffs and it is just terrible to sit up here and not be happier with a victory because of what took place on that floor. That was ugly for women's basketball, it was ugly that benches cleared, coached running out there. That is just ugly and I will do my part from my end, for my team, I can assure you of that."

On keeping composure throughout the whole game
"Of course, I was just trying to keep my team composed and just trying to keep them calm and just run the plays, take some time off the clock and make free throws and most of them were made by Ashley (Field). We just needed this win and for us to get it, it meant a lot."
On stepping up in place of Brittney Griner
"Definitely. When you have a player like Brittney Griner go out, for whatever reason, the other post players, or whoever comes in the game, you don't have a choice. If you are scared, you need to sit down. We are not scared of moments like these. We want moments like those."
On the punch thrown on the floor
"I can say that, I don't think Kim (Mulkey) or I, either one teach that or anything about that. It is very unfortunate, I am very sad. My biggest concern right now is Jordan Barncastle because she may be out for the rest of the year, so that is my biggest concern. Other than that I am not going to talk about it anymore."

On the team being motivated after the punch
"I walked in one day, probably a month or a month and a half ago and they had huddled and at the end of that they said family. This has been the most tight-knit group since I have been here. So, I guess that is what families do, they really through adversity and we rallied down the stretch but we lost the basketball game so none of us feel very good right now. So, it is a real family atmosphere with this group and they really love each other."

On Jordan Barncastle coming back into the game and making the four free throws
"I wasn't surprised at all. There was nobody else that should have shot them than her. I didn't even ask her if she wanted to shoot them because I knew she wanted to. She is one of the best shooters on our team and probably could have beat anybody in the building in HORSE with the situation she was in. So, it says a lot about her. She was not allowed to go in for any physical contact."

On the importance of this game
"It was important. I have no doubt in my mind that we can go to Missouri and win, win in the first round of the tournament. I know you are going to say, `Well Kristy, nobody has ever gotten in at 6-10.' Well you know what? The past is no predictor of the future and when you are on the committee and you look at the body of work, we have played 12 out of 16 ranked opponents and you look at our UCLA win, who is second in the Pac-10 and ranked in the top 25. And our New Mexico win, and how we have done down the stretch, they always look at how you finish, I still think we can get in and the bottom line is, we are in postseason and that is great for this basketball team. Our goal is still to get into the NCAA tournament and then the second scenario is, we can go win the tournament. So, there is a lot of basketball to still be played and we are going to stay the course here and get these kids ready for Missouri."

On not having to play against Brittney Griner
"Well of course, her off the floor, she is 6-9, protecting the basket. You want to attack the basket when she is off the floor, We have a lot of great penetrators that attachk the basket, got fouls and that is when we made our little run. Penetrated harder and we weren't intimidated by her. So, without her on the floor I think we did a really good job."


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