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Baylor, Kansas State Postgame Quotes

March 4, 2013

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 Head Coach Kim Mulkey

On Senior Night:
“It was an exciting game. I thought the crowd was really electric. They were really into it from the beginning and we needed them to be. When you shoot as many threes as Kansas State does, they can make you look bad on the defensive end. We persevered and stayed with it. We became a little more disciplined at the end of the game and worked harder the last ten minutes of the game than the beginning of the game.”

On Brittney Griner:
“The fans that came today can say they saw a historical moment. They saw another dunk, they saw 50 points and they saw a 22-point win. They saw six of the greatest seniors that have ever put on a Baylor uniform.”

On the seniors:
“They’re winners. They’ve proven that. They’re competitors, and any time you have talent like they have, sometimes they can become selfish. These six seniors never did. They came to Baylor to win championships.”

 Senior Guard Kimetria Hayden

On Baylor’s performance tonight:
“We started out doing well, and then we relaxed. That’s when they started hitting open jump shots. We realized even though it’s our senior night we still have to win this game or we’re going to get embarrassed. We just picked up the defensive and stopped them from scoring.”

On what she’ll remember from Baylor:
“The education and the fans. I’ve been here since my freshman year, so I’m going miss them.”

Senior Forward Destiny Williams

On the difficult game:
“Honestly, I don’t think it was a difficult game. I think we wanted to give our fans something to cheer about. We wanted to make it an interesting game. I thought Kansas State did a great job of knocking down shots and taking advantage of every opportunity. I thought that as seniors we took pride in our defense. We took the lead and didn’t let them come up.”

On starting tonight:
“I play what is given to me and I make the best of it. I feel like the perimeter has more opportunities to score because the posts players are so good. It was Senior Night and we wanted to start out hot because Kansas State is such a good shooting team.”

 Head Coach Deb Patterson

Opening Statement:
“The end result of this game is obviously a big marching victory for Baylor, but I was really proud of our team being able to keep this game in reach. I thought we competed extremely hard tonight. Obviously, Brittney Griner had a tremendous game with the mismatch she had against us. One on one, zone, one on two, she was just really effective in getting deep. She had a great finish tonight to her career here at Baylor. Congratulations to Britney, but at the same time I thought for all but about seven minutes of that game relative to who we are we competed extremely hard and played extremely well.”

On the ability to shoot the three effectively against Baylor:
“When your biggest player is 5’ 11’’ you have got to spread the floor. We were playing against great size and athleticism and so you have got to have shots go down. I loved our numbers, 15-for-35. In the second half from the free throw line we were 50 percent, and 42 percent on the game, but it just wasn’t enough because defensively we had a hard time matching up. We had a couple of turnovers that gave them a little bit of energy and you combine that with the deep catches that Britney Griner got and it was just tough on us tonight. For us to come out as the team that we are and to leave the floor with 68 and to leave some free throws at the line, I think that is competitive for us. I don’t like losing, but this is the No. 1 team in the country at home on senior night. It was a great game by Baylor, but I wish we could have rebounded a little better in the second half. Obviously, they beat us to some lose-ball rebounds, but there was a huge free throw rebound that I thought we might get. All in all for us, it was just the Britney Griner night.”

 On Britney Griner and her impact on the game of women’s basketball:
“She is one of a kind. There has never been anyone like her. Her impact is hard to measure with words. You just look at the success of the program. See how she changes the game for the team she plays against, and how she has changed the game, game in and game out for her own team surrounded by other tremendously talented players. Her consistency, her growth in the game, development of new shots, the confidence she plays with, this is not a young lady who came into the game and stayed the same. She has improved every year and improved her game. It is what you like to see in the women’s game. I think that kind of growth and success is what you hope young players in the game aspire to be all about. No matter what anyone says, she is not great because of her size, she is great because she continued to expand her repertoire and competed extremely well.”



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