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Women's Basketball

Baylor-Texas Quotes

March 7, 2010

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#18/22 TEXAS (21-9, 10-6) 70, #14/15 BAYLOR (22-8, 9-7) 54
MARCH 7, 2010 • ATTENDANCE: 9,758

Baylor Head Coach Kim Mulkey
On what changed after getting a seven-point lead...

"Their zone defense. They are big. I thought we attacked them offensively great when they were in man. But, when they went to their zone defense, we just didn't do a very good job of attacking it."

On the long stretch without a field goal...
"Honest to goodness, I didn't know it was only two field goals until after the game was over. I just knew we were struggling."

On the game overall...
"I hate it that Morghan (Medlock) couldn't finish her career at Baylor with a win. But, as I told Morghan and the team, there is a bigger picture here. We didn't have all of our bullets today, and hopefully for the Big 12 tournament and the NCAA tournament, we will have all of our bullets back. They are not playing bad basketball, they just got a little bit exposed in the second half and couldn't make a shot. Credit Texas, their size in the paint in that zone was very effective.

On the Texas zone and its size...
"I don't know if they (Cokie Reed and Ashley Gayle) have played much together. I guess that is a compliment to us that they had to play them both together today."

Junior Guard Kelli Griffin
On the Texas zone...

"I think it was just hard trying to get a shot off with their size inside. Even when we did attack it was blocked. So, they had a good strategy in the second half to go to that zone, like coach (Mulkey) said. We just did a poor job of attacking it."

Senior Forward Morghan Medlock
On the focus moving forward...

"When you come into a game without (Brittney) Griner, you have to have a realistic mindset, that we could lose. I was a little disappointed because this is my last home game, but like coach said there is a bigger picture. We can go in there and play Colorado and I think that without Griner we can go try to beat them. Then we can possibly play Oklahoma, we get Griner back, we owe them also. We'll be ready to go."

On the playing against the zone with out Griner...
"Playing in the post with (Brittney Griner), she draws all the attention. So that leaves everybody else open to cut, backside, and get in position to rebound."


Texas Head Coach Gail Goestenkors
Opening Statement...

"I am just happy to come away with a win. Any win in the Big 12 is a great win. We have so much respect for the Baylor program, especially at home. We know how hard it is to win here. I thought they did a tremendous job. We knew those players would step up for them without Brittany in the game and they did, especially in that first half. Fortunately for us in the second half our zone, I thought was very, very effective. They just weren't able to hit some shots. You got to be able to hit shots and unfortunately for them they weren't, fortunate for us. I think we all been through that where you get open shots and you just can't knock them down. Overall, just very pleased with our play and happy to head into the Big 12 on a two game winning streak."

On trying defensive changes in the second half...
"To begin with, we were still in our man, but then when we fouled the first three possessions. Then we went to a zone the rest of the game."

On her team's offensive play...
"We are always talking about attacking. In the first half we were attacking, but not necessarily under control."

On her team's blocked shots...
"I thought that was huge. We played Ashley Gayle and Cokie (Reed) together and we don't really play them together often, but because we were in a zone it allowed us to play them together a little bit more. I thought when they were in together and we were in the zone that is when we started the big run. They changed and altered so many shots and if they didn't they got the rebound. So I thought they were very effective together."

Freshman Forward Cokie Reed
On if she enjoyed playing the zone with Ashley Gayle...

"I did. It was different, because we really don't play together, but it helped."

On if she had extra motivation since she was playing in her home town...
"Not really. I feel in particular I had a couple bad practices. I think it was fatigue setting in, just the end of the season. I think just getting the right mindset coming here and pushing through."

Senior Guard Brittainey Raven
On Baylor playing without Brittany Griner...
"It is always easier when you don't have a 6-8 girl standing in the lane."

On what happened that caused the 19 point scoring spurt...
"I think once we went into the 2-3 zone, we did a great job being in position, getting defensive rebounds, coming down to offensive end and executing."



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