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Baylor, UCSB Postgame Quotes

March 18, 2012

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#1/1 [1] BAYLOR 81, [16] UC SANTA BARBARA 50
MARCH 18, 2012 • ATTENDANCE: 4,205

  Head Coach Kim Mulkey

On defensive effort:
"Well, you're always proud when you can get shot clock violations, but I was especially proud today because they obviously run an offense that keeps teams on defense for 30 seconds, because if you look at the scores of their games, that must be their philosophy offensively is to really milk it in the last 10 seconds where you probably had a lot of breakdowns in your defense, and I just thought our kids played from the shot clock from the defensive end of the floor and it excites them. I was especially proud that everybody got to play 20 -- about 20 minutes each today and we didn't really lose the lead, we extended everything that we did, and when I say extended, we extended the score, and sometimes that doesn't happen.

"Championships are won on the defensive end of the floor, championships are won on guard play, and I thought our guard play was especially effective from the defensive end with being active, being in passing lanes, being very aggressive.

Now, when you do that, sometimes you tend to gamble and we did and we've got to make sure we stay disciplined because they got to the paint some on us and you just -- you just don't want them to have dribble penetration. Yes, it was a game that we pretty much dominated, but there are two or three things I can tell you right now that we didn't do well. We let them score at the end of the half, and you talk about that. If it's a tie ball game, you want the last shot. There were a couple of times where fatigue set in in the second half with the group that was on the floor, and we did give up an offensive board and they got, you know, another look at it, but we won't go back and look at this film. We'll go on and start studying Florida tonight. We've already studied Florida, but you have to keep coaching. You can't make them always think they just had a perfect game today. Just splice the different situations and don't look at the score and keep teaching them."

Ongetting bench players some minutes and sitting starters:
"I think the other team dictates those two. She pulled her five and if she pulls them, I'm respectful of her in the game, I'm going to pull my five. What happens is people start pressing you and they think they cut into the lead, you keep your starters out there. If every coach I played did what she did today and pulled them, but they don't do that, so she did rotate starters back in a couple of times, but I just felt that there was no need to go back with our rotation of our top six players."

On getting starters rest:
"I think the more rest you can get, the better, but make sure you get them enough minutes not to get out of rhythm, and I thought our kids worked up a sweat, and I thought they did some good stuff. We didn't have to show a lot of stuff and get them off the floor, and we've actually done that a lot of late, even in the Big 12 tournament, maybe not as much rest as we did today, but we've been able to gauge practice and gauge these last couple of weeks of basketball games and get kids off the floor."

On Lindsay Palmer's 3-pointer:
"That's when you live and write, shot clock was winding down, two, one, and she got her a good look at it, and you're just happy for her. The team is happy for her. I think, you know, that's probably going to make Sportscenter, huh? It won't be Brittney Griner on Baylor's team, it will be Lindsay Palmer. Good for her."

On Florida:
"Florida is very good. Florida is very athletic. Florida is very physical. I thought that Florida came out ready to play, and when you can come to an environment and basically you're playing a road game, because I didn't see a whole lot of other colors in that gym other than red, that tells you how good Florida is, and we will get in that film room tonight and get on the floor some tomorrow and expect a very good basketball game Tuesday."

  Junior Forward Brittney Griner

On seeing the bench players get extra playing time:
"Definitely. Lindsay's three was amazing, by the way. We were very excited, but it's good to see them out there. They might come in gold really, but they fight so hard in practice every day against us, and we just -- we both get better and it shows."

On last time she remembers sitting on bench that long:
"No, not really, I couldn't even tell you, but I definitely enjoyed it. It was definitely fun. I liked it."

On how Sune Agbuke has gotten better:
"Just slowing down, taking her time and, you know, she -- she's come, you know, a long way in practice, and I'm still working with her, and I really can't wait for this summer to work with her even more."

  Junior Forward Destiny Williams

On beginning of game:
"We've been waiting for this game for the longest. We had a bunch of days in practice going hard, and we were going to be facing another team and I thought we were going strong and starting strong, knocking out every shot, taking time how we've been practicing, and I thought we finished the game just as we started, it was a good one."

On defensive effort:
"I think it's better, it's all a team effort. We played for 30 seconds and we got shot clock violations. It gives us the energy to come down and make a great decision offensively. I thought that during practice we put a lot of emphasis on our defense because our defense helped us towards our offense. We like to intimidate with our defense. I thought that we did a tremendous job with that."

 Head Coach Carlene Mitchell

Opening Statement
"It's unfortunate that every team in the country besides one has to end with this feeling. You know, even though it's my first time here as a head coach, you always hate that the kids, especially the seniors like Emilie and Kelsey, have to go out, but at the end of the day, we played against maybe the eventual national champion, you know, and our kids gave the effort, but just, I mean, we were outmanned, I mean, it's pretty obvious, in every position, and you have to give Baylor all the credit."

On Baylor's defense:
"We couldn't even get the entry passes to the wings so we started trying to use dribble routes. I mean, Madden and Hayden are very long, they're athletic and, you know, I told our team before the game started, they were probably the unsung heroes, their guards, you know, Destini Williams gets a lot of points from the double teams off of Griner, but it's actually their guards that make them so good."

On if Baylor is the real deal:
"Oh, they're the real deal and that's what I told our kids, you know, at the highest of levels and that's what I always refer to, just the fact that I have been part of a championship game as an assistant coach. So, you know, they're in that same caliber as the Connecticuts, the Tennessees, you know, and they do have a chance, they have a chance."

On getting bench players in the game just four minutes into second half:
"I started thinking of the future and I told our kids that in the huddle, you know, everyone deserves a chance, we've ridden all 11 players to get here. I wanted the seniors, you know, to remember it and have a good experience and go out on a great note, but I also wanted our underclassmen to understand what it's like to play here and, you know, where the bar will be set for this program for the future. Kim, which was nice, then decided to sub with me."

On Baylor's Kim Mulkey:
"You know, I've known her for a long time, I respect, you know, what she's done. In fact, I grew up in Arkansas so I don't want to age her, but, you know, I always have been a fan of hers and what she's done at all the programs she's been at. You know, she also just told me to remember the fact that I made it here in my first season and a lot of people don't have that opportunity so."

On getting down 12-0 early:
"Yeah, I mean, you have to knock down the open jumpers to have confidence, you know, and -- but, again, when you have long guards running at you and you're dribble penetrating and you think you're going to have that 15-foot mid range jumper and you have, you know, Brittney Griner running at you, you tend to shoot it, you know, a little quicker than you normally would so, you know, we had some open looks, but it didn't go down again after that, it's just a struggle, you know, and more probably on the mindset of it than the physical side of the game."

  Senior Guard Emilie Johnson

On what makes Baylor so stuff:
"They're just a solid team. Their role players stepped up. Griner is going to get their points, their rebounds, and their blocks, but they are a complete team and their guards got points and that was the thing we needed to shut down was all their players and their five."

On not being able to get open looks:
"Yeah, it was tough. As a point guard, it's my responsibility and Nic's responsibility as well. And it's just -- we need to do a better job of that and we can't be in that position. And I know Nic will learn a lot from this game and she's going to lead this team next year and I'm excited to see what this program is going to do and they're going to continue to build and get better. This game exposed us a lot, but we're going to learn from it."

On UCSB's season and postseason run:
Yeah, just our season shaped us to this point and those low points we had in the beginning of the season is what brought us to this point and we're battling -- because, like we often say, those hard difficult moments in the beginning of the season prepared us for that strong win we had at the end of this season.

  Junior Forward Kirsten Tilleman

On guarding Brittney Griner:
"There's a reason people say she's the best center in the country and maybe even the world, she's not just 6'8", she's got skill as well. And, I mean, it was a lot of fun, and I respect her as a player and I wish them the best, but, yeah, this isn't the last you've seen of the Gauchos. We'll learn from it, like Em said."

On getting down early in the game:
"Yeah, it's always going to be hard to come back from getting down right away, and we went out there and I think we would all say that we had a little bit of nerves and it's a big stage, but we could have done better and we definitely learned from it, and next time we're back on this stage, we'll get at it right from the get-go."

On UCSB's season and postseason run:
"Yeah, I don't think a lot of people thought we were even going to get to this game, and it just shows that if you keep going hard and keep working and not going away from your system that is building a really great foundation, then you get places. And the season is not just this one game, looking back on it, it was a complete season, and I'm very proud of it and I'm very proud to be part of the team."



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