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Baylor, Prairie View A&M Postgame Quotes

March 20, 2011

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[1] BAYLOR 66, [16] PRAIRIE VIEW A&M 30
MARCH 20, 2011 • ATTENDANCE: 8,368

 Head Coach Kim Mulkey

On what she wanted to get out of her team:
“I don’t look at the score, I just coach. I think anybody that is on the floor at any time in the game, you just keep coaching, you keep teaching. You keep demanding things. I thought there was spurts with the last groups, honestly, I am very disappointed in. It is not the time after the game to go in there and get on them, it is just get back in the film room tomorrow and get ready for West Virginia. You don’t go the coach the score. You don’t coach the scoreboard. You coach the kids. I thought that Prairie View did some good things tonight. I thought it was very obvious that they were making sure that they didn’t shoot the ball quickly, which didn’t allow us to have many attempts offensively. It was such a low scoring game and that’s ok, that’s alright, I just thought it was important with the difference in the score that I needed to get kids off the floor. We did a pretty good job of only allowing the first group to play really the second half. The more rest this late in the year the better.”

On what they did in the first half to only allow eight points:
“Same thing we have been doing all year. We just guard people. We are pretty proud that we lead the NCAA in field-goal percentage defense. It is telling people across the country that when you score on Baylor, you are going to score with people in your face. We didn’t do anything different than we normally do, just play hard and make sure you guard people.”

On the game that Brooklyn Pope and Destiny Williams had:
“Brooklyn has a lot of energy. She has actually had that energy the last couple of weeks in practice. (Brittney) Griner sees the double team immediately, so she found Destiny early in the game. We ran a couple of sets after we saw how they were going to guard Brittney and it just allowed those four players to have open looks. (We) didn’t really have to deviate from anything that we do offensively. We were allowed to do a lot of things defensively tonight that we haven’t done all year. I just thought it brought energy. I just thought it kept us moving. We pressed a lot today and I thought that was good.”

On her first team’s play in the second half:
“Actually I thought we were a little sloppy in the second half with that first group and the thought crossed my mind to take all five of them off the floor, but then I thought better and let them fight through it. It was a game that we took care of business, I guess you could say. I thought that Prairie View and tried to do things to keep us from having a big lead or a big margin of victory. There were very few times that they shot quickly. They were continuing to pass the ball and move the ball around and take shots late in the shot clock. I thought it was very effective. It really kept it to be a low scoring game. The margin of victory was big, but it was a low scoring game.”

On West Virginia:
“I see size inside, 6-4, 6-3. I see athleticism on the perimeter. I see a shooter on the perimeter. I see a very well-coached defense team in the half court. I think they are very physical and I think they are very well coached. I think they have athletes and size inside. It is going to be a very good basketball game. Any team that comes within six of Connecticut grabs your attention. They play in a great conference, the Big East. I just anticipate, just as all of them will be, the games as you progress they get tougher. It will be a tough basketball game for us.”

 Sophomore Forward Brooklyn Pope

On her aggressiveness in the game:
“Yes, it’s time to get pumped up. No matter what you did at the beginning of the season, we pretty much remember the end, so it’s time to go get it. There are five games to go so we’re going to keep pushing and pushing.”

On what Coach Mulkey does to inspire her to play harder:
“She looks at me and says it’s time to go and with the lights on its time go, because now it’s all or nothing, so that’s pretty much motivation in itself. She’s done this before on the court and on the sideline with the 2005 National Championship team.”

On what teaching moments this game can bring for the team:
“No matter the score, no matter if we’re up or down, she’s always going to continue to coach us, so we’re going to continue to listen because even through (striving for) perfection there are still things we can improve on. Even though it was a blow out, we still plenty of mistakes that I’m sure she will address tomorrow.”

 Sophomore Post Brittney Griner

On setting a tone for the rest of the tournament:
“Definitely, that’s what I’m trying to do on the defensive end, being as big as I can and discouraging anybody from coming in and making them shoot outside. If I can do that every game, that would be good.”

On impact of other teammates like Destiny Williams in the first round game:
“If everybody is coming straight to me, I can always find Destiny (Williams) and Brook (Pope), and she did a great job of scoring our first six points. It kind of got me pumped up.”

 Senior Guard Melissa Jones

On the team’s defensive effort:
“When we focus on something, it’s usually going to be defense that we buckle down on. That’s something that we kind of pride ourselves on. Coach Mulkey’s main point is that we need to focus on defense because that will lead into our offense with transition buckets, and that’s where we need to start.”

On being focused on defense:
“Especially at the start of the game, it took them a while to get a bucket. Everything was contested. I think we did a good job down the stretch. We started mixing up our defenses and that kind of threw us off. It wasn’t quite as fluid as we would have hoped. I think all-in-all it was ok.”

 Sophomore Forward Destiny Williams

On the team’s defensive intensity:
“We have to come out strong in order to win. We stop them on defense and we get steals and score in transition. All (Prairie View A&M) wanted to do all game was hold the ball. We wanted to try and speed the game up with defense.”

On getting four blocks:
“I give credit to our defense right there. We just try to contest every shot that we possibly can. A lot of the shots came down with about five seconds left in the shot clock so we tried to contest as many shots as we could and stop them in transition.”

 Head Coach Toyelle Wilson

Opening Statement:
“Baylor came out aggressive. We could not hit. We had a few open shots, just did not hit. I know I said from the beginning that we were going to have to score. We screened, we just did not hit shots. These three players could not hit a shot. Inside, (Brittney) Griner is just a beast in the paint. We were smaller than them obviously. We tried to double. We had a quick turnover to open up the game and we could have come down there and hit a shot, but we were shooting 20 percent. We shot more shots than them, we attempted more field goals than them. We just could not hit any. When you shoot 20 percent and get outrebounded by 20, you are not going to win any games in the NCAA tournament.”

On the crowd atmosphere:
“It may have (affected us). I actually enjoy atmospheres like that, where it is crowded. I think our fans got the whole crowd doing the wave. That is the environment that is at Prairie View. I thought it was an awesome environment. We actually like when it is an environment like that. You might say that the girls were a little jittery. It is only Siarra’s (Soliz) first postseason NCAA tournament. I did not expect that from the seniors. I thought they would come with a little more fire knowing this may be there last guaranteed game and their last go around. I really loved the environment. It was loud, it was electric. The girls were excited and I thought they were going to come out with a little fire. They just were not hitting.”

On lessons learned during the NCAA tournament:
“I have been here before. I think the girls are going to understand that this is how they went out. They have to understand that you do not win championships or get to the championship game by just the season. It is what you do in the offseason. I think they are going to have to come a little bit stronger with their offseason workouts. We have got to get their timing back a little bit quicker. But once you go up into Big 12 basketball, the game is quicker. The defense is quicker. The girls dribbling down the court are quicker. (Kimetria) Hayden went full court and if you look at her off the court, her body type, you would not think she was that quick. Same thing with Brooklyn Pope. She is aggressive. She is a beast. Her countermoves are so quick, and by the time you react to get on her, she is already going somewhere else. I think she is one of the best sixth-man post players I have seen ever. We played against her at Rutgers and we almost beat them by two and she did not play like that. You can tell that Coach Mulkey has those girls on another level and they have something they are trying to prove. They only scored 66 points. We always tell our people that we want our opponents to score 60 points or less. You can accredit that they only played 28-29 minutes, but they only scored 66 points. We just could not score. We had nobody step up the whole game.”

On Brooklyn Pope’s performance:
“She is like a quiet assassin. She came out and she was like ‘I’m going in there to get buckets.’ She got on the post and as soon as she got the ball she jabbed and went one way. She wanted it more than us. I told the girls before the game that you have to go to every ball. She was coming from half court and stealing the ball. Griner was even coming from half court and stealing the ball. I guess the girls did not understand it, did not register it.”

 Freshman Guard Siarra Soliz

On the impact of Brittney Griner:
“I think she really made a difference in the paint. Usually I go in strong and I get contact and I get fouled and go to the line, but I had to really adjust. I had to double pump and even more and I still couldn’t get it off. So she really made a difference in the game.”

On what it was like going up against Brittney Griner:
“I think that coach had a pretty good game plan. We did pretty good on Brittney Griner, as far as us triple teaming and recovering. I think they got a few good back door baskets when we were triple teaming her but we got a few steals also when we were all around Brittney Griner. But I think we could have done better executing, and I think if we would have hit shots, it would have been a good game.”

On what she wants to take into the next season:
“First off, I want to win out of conference games at the beginning of the season so it doesn’t have to be so hard coming into the NCAA tournament. But I think we’re going to prepare better and come strong and I plan on going further in the NCAA tournament next year.”

On what they talked about at halftime:
“At halftime, coach told us I think we were like 1-for-20 and there’s no way we could win a game like that. So, I think our shots really affected us. We attempted a lot of open shots, they really sagged in, but we just couldn’t hit an open shot in the first half, but it was real frustrating.”

 Senior Guard Dominique Smith

On the impact of Brittney Griner:
“As far as Griner, that 7-1 wingspan, it’s a beast. For me, honestly, I feel like it didn’t really alter my shot. I was just trying to attack. I went to the basket a couple of times, it got blocked a lot, that’s basketball. So I mean, no fear, and she’s a competitor, so, what can you say.”

On other players who made an impact for Baylor:
“Our main focus was Brittney Griner, but Baylor is overall just a good team. I think Brooklyn Pope, she got in there, she really affected us. She kind of caught us on our heels cause we were so focused on Brittney. And I mean you can’t forget about (Odyssey) Sims, and you can’t forget about Jordan (Madden) out there.”

On not scoring for the first 9 minutes:
“I feel we got a lot of good looks. Me personally, those are the shots that I’m used to making but nothing just fell tonight, it was just one of those nights. Basketball is a game of rhythm, and sadly I wasn’t in my rhythm tonight.”

 Sophomore Guard Sharde Henry

On experiencing the NCAA tournament for the first time:
“It was very exciting – bright lights, a lot of people, about what I expected it to be. We need to build on this and learn from our experience this year, so that next year can be much better.”

On the team’s play tonight:
“We just needed to score the ball more, d-up more. I think our defense was okay. Just, they have Brittney Griner, and she was kind of unstoppable. And then the other people off the bench were coming in and scoring. I think we forced some turnovers; we just couldn’t score.”

On facing Baylor:
“If they play like this against other teams, they won’t be able to win. But us being not really as competitive, they were pretty good.”



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