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Baylor, Prairie View A&M Postgame Quotes

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 Head Coach Kim Mulkey

On the quality of the play and lack of mistakes:
"There were a lot of things if you look at the stat sheet. I don't know that I've ever been a part of a game where the other team didn't shoot a free throw. I thought that our turnover-to-assist ratio was very good as well. I thought our defense was better in the second half. I thought it was much better after Brittney dunked it. I just thought it energized the whole arena. I challenged a couple of them in the locker room at halftime. It's been two weeks since we've played and I just thought we had some more to give. Then I thought they came out in the second half and did some things better on the defensive end of the floor."

On the layoff and if she's a fan of it:
"Ask me tomorrow. Or, no, ask me after Tuesday. I don't know, but, you know, we're not any different from Florida State. I think they played the day before we did. It's just they've been doing it for a long period of time, but this was the first year that the women moved the Big 12 Tournament separate from the men. I don't know that I saw anything that I would say, `I wish we wouldn't have done that' because it affected the way we played. Believe it or not, this team and the run they made in the tournament last year, they were still excited to be out here for the first NCAA Tournament game. And I think some of that excitement, butterflies, or whatever you want to call it, probably led to doing some things that were uncharacteristic of us, really, in the game. Will, you mentioned it was just a ten point lead. Well, this is the NCAA Tournament. You're not going to blow people out right off the bat. Give us some time to get our wheel, our motor going, but also, give credit to Prairie View. As I told their coach before the game, if she hasn't gotten a pay raise, she needs to find another job. She's been to the tournament three straight years and that program had only been to the tournament two years prior to that. She's done one heck of a job with her basketball program. Give those guys credit."

On FSU and what she expects to see Tuesday:
"I was actually catching myself watching their 2-3 zone and then I slapped myself and said why I am watching that because we're not going to probably see that kind of defense. When you watch teams that play a lot of zone it would be like watching Jim Boeheim at Syracuse, you're just trying to learn. I'm not a very good zone coach so I watch coaches who teach it. But then I catch myself and I think, they're not going to play it that wide against us. They're going to crowd Griner. You don't really scout them from the defensive end of the floor; you try to scout what they do offensively. I just thought, very athletic; I thought, senior team; two wing players that score a lot and shoot a lot for them but post players that rebound the ball and feed each other very well. Sue's been around the game a long time and this isn't her first rodeo and she'll have her team ready to play."

On Brittney's dunk and Brooklyn Pope's steal and assist to Odyssey Sims and the momentum:
"It did. It all started flowing. Michelle, I agree with you: this crowd was pretty electric tonight. I thought they were loud and they were loud early. They didn't wait until the dunk to get excited. They understand that not very often do you get to host NCAA Tournament games. But I just think it was like a snowball effect. We did one thing and we started doing another thing and I think Odyssey Sims had an unbelievable pass, play, back to her again, from Brook, back to Odyssey; those kinds of things, that's just kids playing hard. That's just kids understanding this is Tournament time."

Senior Post Brittney Griner

On her dunk:
"Odyssey [Sims] saw me and threw it to me up the court and I kind of just pitted around and dunked it. I guess you could say it was a little energizing. Definitely started playing with a little bit more energy after that."

On noticing the crowd energy after her dunk:
"Definitely. Our crowd is great here, and tonight they were outstanding. They cheer, and we were able to feed off them. They definitely helped us out a lot."

Junior Guard Odyssey Sims

On whether or not she expected Griner to dunk:
"Well, I don't think that she knew I saw her because she was wide open, but I didn't think she was going to catch it because I threw it kind of low - I overthrew it, but I didn't think she was going to dunk it. It surprised me. It's always great to see when she dunks."

On the defensive intensity picking up during the second half:
"It always starts with me on the defensive end or the offensive end. I didn't recognize that we were picking it up. I guess I was a little more anxious, concentrating on getting a little more steals, and just defending. It's something I love to do, and I enjoy doing it. Whenever I can help my team score and create opportunities for my teammates, it's always fun."

 Head Coach Toyelle Wilson

Opening statement:
"I'm incredibly proud of them: our team, our players, the seniors. This game doesn't justify or define our season. Baylor was just a lot bigger than us. They played like the number one overall seed in the tournament."

On encouraging the players to not be intimidated by Brittney Griner:
"We had one of the men's basketball players who is 6'8 try to emulate Brittney. There is no emulating her. She changes the game in so many facets and so many ways. You have to make so many adjustments because she covers space quickly. She's just a game changer. Double-teaming her, she still shoots 50%."

On foul discrepancy:
"I asked the ref if he had ever had a game that only had three fouls and he said yes. I asked if it was Baylor and he said no. So, I stopped the conversation after that. It's hard for the refs because if you don't attack the basket, it's hard. We didn't go in there much because of Brittney, so the refs had to make a decision on what to do."

On telling the team to have fun during this game:
"The last thing I told them was, "Have fun. You earned this spot. There are 300 teams that didn't get this experience, so enjoy the moment, enjoy the experience, enjoy the environment. I tried to keep it lighthearted, because these kids put so much into it."

Senior G/F Latia Williams

On being in the game early and trading points with Baylor:
"It all started with us believing that we can compete with Baylor and I think we showed it. For the first couple of minutes we were running with them and the gym was quiet. It was silent, no fans were cheering or anything. We started believing in ourselves even more and started to run a little bit. We just didn't execute like we thought we could."

On the matchup with Brittney Griner:
"We knew Brittney was going to get her points so we weren't really worried about that. We were worried about how we were going to score. That is why we were trying to keep the game as close as possible and towards the end we got a little tired and she kind of overwhelmed us at the rim."

On how Griner is able to change shots:
"She is not really that tall, but her wing span is amazing. Her hands are huge. When she grabbed my hand playing defense her hands were like my forearm. She is an amazing athlete and it was a great experience to go against her."

Senior Guard Jeanette Jackson

On the team competing early in the game:
"We just wanted to come out and compete. We knew that they were the best of the best, and we just wanted to show them what we were about."

On Griner's dunk and the way it changed the game:
"I don't think it was a turning point. They had a couple good runs, but that wasn't the turning point for us. It was a surprise for us that she came out and dunked on us. That is what we did not want to have happen, but it was amazing. We got star struck."



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