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Baylor, Florida State Postgame Quotes

March 26, 2013

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 Head Coach Kim Mulkey

On advancing to your fifth Sweet 16:
"I don’t take it for granted. They’re hard to come by. I remember the very first Sweet 16 we ever went to at Baylor. It was in Albuquerque when we won and Jessika Stratton and Dionne Brown and those guys were on the team; and the joy. I think sometimes we can lose that joy if we’re not careful. Because when you get there, some people take it for granted or they’re stressed to maintain something. We don’t ever want to lose that joy and I don’t ever want fans to stop coming to games because they think we’re going to win. And they didn’t. I thought three things tonight that I’d like to say; one, I thought Baylor did an outstanding job of hosting the first and second rounds. I thought our administrators that were responsible for doing this; it’s work. It takes a lot of time. And then I thought our crowd tonight was outstanding. And those seniors, all the players, but the seniors in particular; what a memory for them tonight. And our defense; guys, our defense was special. Florida State scores a lot of points. If you look at their stats, they’re averaging 76 points per game and I challenged our girls; your defense needs to be better than their offense. I know that sounds simple but you really need to say, ‘You know what, we’re not letting you score 76 points.’ And I just thought the defense the entire game was special."

On the moment when Brittney Griner came out of the game and the hug:
"I’ve had lots of those from Brittney. You just hope, she doesn’t squeeze the air out of you so you don’t pass out. Brittney just has a personality about her where she just enjoys life. She’s a hugger. She’s a people pleaser. You’ll never see the likes of her again. You just won’t. Not here, I don’t think anywhere; ever will you see another Brittney Griner. You’ll see great players and you’ll see All-Americans, but I’m not sure we’ll ever see it in my lifetime. If you look at our numbers across the board it’s not just Brittney’s numbers. If you look at Odyssey’s numbers, Destiny Williams’ field goal percentage, our free-throw percentage; it’s scary good. It’s not just Brittney. I will say this, as I was talking to President Bush after he met with the girls he sensed their focus when he met with them. They were respectful but it’s like, they’ve got a game to play. He noticed it and it was true. They were sitting there listening to him but it was like, ‘We’re ready to play.’ To have that many seniors, you expect them to be focused."

On if there could be a more fitting ending to the home career of the senior class:
"I don’t think so. I think it was a game where they all played extremely well. I think it was a game where the fans acknowledged how good they were doing. It was an NCAA win, another Sweet 16, and all of our players got to play."

Senior Post Brittney Griner

On her three dunks:
"Before our game, Rick, the radio guy told me to get three dunks, and it’s crazy because I got three dunks. I need him to tell me that before every game."

On feeling like another senior night:
"It definitely felt like senior night, but tonight was better with three dunks. Going off of what we did, not everybody is lucky, but we were and we took advantage of it."

Junior Guard Odyssey Sims

On Baylor’s defense tonight:
"We just came out and we jumped on them from the start. I thought we were shooting very well and they were shooting poorly. I give credit to our defense. We had a very tough assignment with the two wing players and we did an outstanding job on them. We started with those two first and everyone else just followed."

On getting pumped up from Brittney’s dunks:
"It’s always exciting to see when Britney dunks. We always get excited. We wish she could keep dunking, but unfortunately her season is coming to an end. But, like I said, it’s exciting and everyone gets pumped. She’s just phenomenal."

Senior Forward Brooklyn Pope

On getting pumped up from Brittney’s dunks:
"Well, she could have had four, but I was stronger than I thought and I overthrew it. BG knew I wanted to pass it, but by the time I looked down and dribbled and looked up and threw it, she was further down than I thought."

On the strong start for Baylor:
"I just thought that we were really focused at the beginning of the game, knowing the impact. It was just exciting to play a team that we haven’t seen all year and a team that we’ve never played. It was just really exciting to prove the point that we are in the Big 12 and this is how we play in the Big 12, so imagine if we were in the ACC."

 Head Coach Sue Semrau

Opening Statement:
"It’s a really good basketball team and I think they’ll go far."

On not being able to recover defensively:
"I thought we had great looks, we just couldn’t knock them down. And I thought because we’re an offensive-oriented team, we struggled mentally and a little bit emotionally with our lack of production offensively. It played into our transition into defense. It’s not an easy task to come into this environment and ask our kids to be able to block it all out. We did an admirable job."

On five seniors leaving:
"I’m really proud of them. They came together and were a core leadership group for a program that needed to reestablish itself as an NCAA Tournament team and as a top 25 team. They did that and they will go on and do amazing things."

On the positives that can be learned from tonight:
"When selection Monday came, I thought we had a long time to think about this game. It’s not an easy task to think about. We’re playing a kid that will be the number one draft pick, who’s a tremendous basketball player. You talk about the pressure that creates a diamond and I think this program will really grow from that."

Senior Alexa Deluzio

On the fight of the team:
"Our team doesn’t play for personal achievement. We play for each other. You can’t really stop fighting if that’s what you’re fighting for."

On the early stretch of the game:
"They hit shots, and we didn’t in the beginning. But I thought we chipped away a little bit. They just made shots, and we didn’t."

Senior Guard Morgan Toles

On the fight of the team:
"We’ve been through so much this year, and that’s just who we are. Like you said, that’s our identity. We’re fighters, and we never give up. That’s what we’ve been doing all year, and today we kept fighting."



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