Postgame Quotes

Nov. 9, 2007

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Head Coach Mulkey
"The sloppiness came when the game got out of hand. I thought it got a little bit physical, a little bit rough in there. At the beginning of the game I thought we were focused and ready to play. I was glad that we were able to get some rest everybody and everybody got to play. This game tonight allowed everybody to rest. You want to play well, you want to get some things accomplished, but most importantly, you want to win."

● On holding Howard to 8 points first half, a Baylor record
"Regardless of who you play, that's a first. It is a compliment to this basketball team. First game of the year we are trying to find our identity and it doesn't matter who it is, to hold someone to eight points is good."

● On Bradley and Wilson
"We will go as these two go. These two have got to grow up in a hurry. These two are going to have good nights and they're going to have bad nights, but they're going to have more good nights than bad night. They're going to go up against the best players in the country and our league, they're going to go up against older players in our league who are a little more polished and a little more seasoned, but these two are going to be out there competing."

Jessika Bradley
"I have a lot of learning to do and not playing a lot of minutes last year it is hard to get that experience and I'm glad I'm able to get it now. Try to get those jitters out coming off the bench, get myself into the rotation and kind of fill myself in with what players are on the court."

Danielle Wilson
"I think we did play aggressive. From not playing against each other and just going out there and working hard and just knowing that one turnover leads to a layup and making it hard for the opponents kept us going."



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