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Baylor, Lamar Postgame Quotes

Nov. 9, 2012

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NO. 1/1 BAYLOR 80, LAMAR 34
NOV. 9, 2012 • ATTENDANCE: 8,158

  Head Coach Kim Mulkey

On the defensive intensity and the play in general during the second half:
“I am not sure if we turned up the defensive intensity or just fatigue set in, but we held them to fewer points in the second half; it could have been a combination of a lot of things. We did a lot of substituting so obviously that takes away from the continuity, but the effort is there. Our staff also had some fatigue. We had a shot clock violation and we should have been yelling at the players, but you know it’s the first game.”

On the performance of the freshmen players and the team in general:
“Honestly the glaring weaknesses that the freshmen had were to be expected. My disappointment always comes with the older players. I thought there was some selfish basketball being played out there. I thought there was a lot of one-on-one basketball and bad shots taken and no ball reversal. That’s a mental mind set and come Tuesday night, they better erase how they played today because they are going to have their hands full Tuesday night with a team that presses for 40 minutes. Today wasn’t a pretty game, but it was the first game of the year.”

On what you were most pleased with today:
“We won. I am always pleased when we win and I could also tell you two players who really played well; Brooklyn Pope, besides the two fouls that forced her to sit most of the first half. I have asked Brooklyn to do three things: offensive rebound and she started off the game with one; she has to finish under the basket, and she was four-for-five today; and also she has to hit her free throws and she did that today. I was really pleased with Brooklyn today; I wished I had given her more minutes today. The other player was Jordan Madden. She stayed out there and never got tired. She was guarding their best player and also had eight assists. I thought those two players stood out for us today.”

  Junior Guard Odyssey Sims

On Brittney not dunking the ball on one of the fast breaks:
“I wasn’t disappointed in her. I don’t know how it feels to dunk, but I know it takes a lot of energy out of her to dunk the ball. I wasn’t disappointed in her, I just smiled.”

On the defensive effort today:
“Yeah, we came out kind of sluggish in the first half. We have to come out at play Baylor basketball. We have to focus and just play our game.”

 Senior Center Brittney Griner

On the fast break and potential dunking opportunity:
“I did think about it. I was sprinting towards the hoop. I was ready to dunk, but my legs said no.”

On the next game against Kentucky:
“We definitely like the challenge. We need to be ready for the game. It’s going to be televised and we just have to get to work and be ready to play.”

  Head Coach Larry Tidwell

On trying to match up with Baylor:
“As you know about Baylor, Brittney Griner is the best player in the nation. But they have the best point guard in the nation too in Odyssey Sims. Sims is just dynamite. She will pressure you on both ends of the floor and then she runs her offense and she gave us fits all night. You mix that combo with having without question the Coach of the Year, that is pretty good and you have six more McDonald’s All-Americans coming at you. We battled well in the first half, but we just did not finish. I would hate to look at our shooting percentage in the second half. We tried to get it inside but we would have to kick it back out because with Griner in there, it is going to be sent out. We learned a lot today. The last time we came in here and played a really good Baylor team and played them pretty good, we went on to win the Southland Conference championship. We know we are not going to play anybody tougher than what we saw today.”

On Brittney Griner as a senior compared to Brittney Griner as a freshman:
“She is incredible. She is incredible on both ends of the floor. She has really bought into the defensive game. She is a factor and I know the Baylor people appreciate what she does because this is once-in-a-lifetime to have a player this good. You are looking at a person who dominates the women’s game like Will Chamberlin dominated the men’s game for so long. It is incredible.”

On learning from playing the Lady Bears:
“I can look at the first half and not look at the second half. We did some good things and knocked down some shots down. I used a seven or eight person rotation and I did that for a purpose because we have got to get ready for our season. We are not going to face anybody that is going to be this dynamic on both ends of the floor. They can do so many different things. It is incredible.”



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