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Baylor Postgame Quotes, vs. Nicholls State

Nov. 14, 2013

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No. 9 Baylor 111 (2-0), Nicholls State 58 (1-1)
Ferrell Center – Waco, Texas

Nov. 14, 2013 - Att. 6,333

Baylor Head Coach Kim Mulkey

On the change in lineup…
“I wanted to see a bigger perimeter lineup. Until Prince gets well, the small lineup of Niya [Johnson], Odyssey [Sims] and Makenzie [Robertson] gives you some stability because they have been in the system a while. But, I wanted to see a bigger lineup, particularly getting ready for Rice. Their best player is a 6-3 player, and I just wanted to get Ieshia [Small] in there because she is really the next biggest perimeter player, and then maybe Chardonae [Fuqua] who we have and just we have been working with it a little in practice getting ready Monday if we have to use her. Odyssey can’t guard everybody, so we’re trying to find a defensive stopper on the perimeter.”

On Nina Davis…
“Nina grows on you as you watch her practice every day. I always tease her, she just has an ugly shot, but she’s a score. She figures out how to score, she figures out how to defend at her size. And I will let her rebound and take the ball off the dribble because not many full players are going to be able to pick her up when she’s in that mode. You know, its kind of like how Brooklyn Pope wanted to do it all the time. But Nina’s thinks like a guard a lot of times, and she took advantage of her opportunity tonight. “

“She and [Khadijiah Cave] both are athletic post players, they are around the basketball. They are going to make mistakes on the defensive end, in not defending correctly. They are going to get beat and get in foul trouble until they have some game experience. But, they are going to offensively give you some athleticism in there and give you a chance to have some second-chance points. And, I just thought both of them played well.”

On emphasizing rebounds…
“It was emphasized, and we talked about it all pre-game. We talked about it before the game, and we talked about it in practice. We’re not big on the perimeter, and our guards are going to have to help us get long rebounds; get in there and battle as much as they can. And, I just thought that we shot so well, I’m not sure how many rebounds were there to take. I think we got enough.”

On playing Rice on Monday…

“Rice is going to present a challenge for us because first of all, they have more experience than we do. They are very well coached. Their three players are going to be some of the best players we have played up to this point and it’s going to be a game. I hope that fans will come out Monday because really we don’t need to see that front row empty. If the high-dollar seats aren’t going to be full they need to give the tickets away because it means something to us to have good fan support.”

Baylor G Odyssey Sims

On shooting from the three tonight…
“I knew I needed to make more shots. She [Coach Mulkey] told me if I was going to shoot a lot of threes that I needed to make more than I miss, and I did better tonight.”

On watching Nina Davis play…

“I was very happy for her. I wanted her to score as many points as she could. It is always fun to watch another teammate get a double-double. Not to mention she was player of the game, so I think she should start more.”

Baylor F Nina Davis

On her start tonight…
“I was told I was going to start in the pre-game today. I was a little nervous when I first started out, but once I started playing, I just started going, and I went from there.”

On her double-double and being smaller than most posts…
“I say I’m not the biggest, but I do have a big heart. I try to do everything I can to help the team, and I can jump really big. I am small but I have jumping abilities, so I try to use it to my advantage.”

On taking her rebounds up the court…
“When I was younger I was a point guard, so I kind of learned how to dribble. I have always had a dribbling ability, so I just take it and go.”

Nicholls State Head Coach DoBee Plaisance

Opening Statements:
“This was an outstanding opportunity for us. I appreciate Kim, her team and her hospitality and everyone around here. Everybody’s been so gracious to us, and I’m excited about the opportunity for us to come up here. I think for about 75 percent of the game we were doing okay. It was during the last few minutes that we kind of lost it.  But we’re going to be okay.”

On how the game got away from Nicholls State:
“You have to give Baylor the credit in terms of their personnel, the depth they have, the ability to they have to just wear you down. They’re outstanding and they’re not No. 9 in the country for no reason. Even when the game started, they were doing things such as their transition game and hitting threes, and you sort of just have to pick your poison. We wanted to clog it up a little more and Odyssey did an excellent job hitting threes—that’s why she is who she is.  We didn’t lose that much continuity, we just started taking hurried shots.”



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