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Baylor, Rice Postgame Quotes

Nov. 18, 2013

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9/9 BAYLOR (3-0) 79, NR/NR RICE (2-2) 46
Ferrell Center (Waco, Texas)
Mon., Nov. 18, 2013
Attendance: 6,516


Head Coach Kim Mulkey

On Odyssey Sims...
"How many plays can I run for her? That's what I think. Odyssey is just a special player. She feeds off of her own success, but tonight she really had teammates finding her and getting the ball into positions to be successful. We ran a lot of different stuff with her at different positions, and it was good to see her be comfortable. One minute she is the off-guard, the other she is the point guard. I'm glad she is on my team. "

On Odyssey having the entire package...
"Oh she does. She can beat you off the dribble, she can shoot the three-ball, and a lot of times those good ones do not want to play defense, but we all know what she means to everyone on the floor defensively."

On Baylor's defense...
"Oh, we were active. I thought our goal going in was to make sure [Jessica] Kuster had to work for everything. She is averaging a double-double, and she ended up with a double-double. But I tell you, she had to work for it. We started Ieshia [Small] on her and Ieshia, being a freshman, played hard, but fouled out. I took the two freshmen, and they are guarding a senior, and I just think that is how you have got to teach them. We can talk and get better in practice, but you have got to put them in a game setting. I thought Makenzie [Robertson], when she guarded her, probably did the best job at guarding her, but I wanted those freshmen to experience that."

On coaching this team...
"I enjoy coaching this team, guys. As you can see, there is talent out there and it is just untapped. It is there, it is just experience and tough lessons to learn, but it is hard for me to stay mad at them. They want to do well. I haven't had an issue that I have had to address, and they are all good students. It is fun to coach students that are disappointed when you are disappointed and kids that want to do right and kids that do right in the classroom. They are going to fight, and that is all you can ask of them."

Senior G Odyssey Sims

On her role with the team...
"I look at it as a positive thing. My job is to go out and lead my team, knowing I'm going to shoot the majority of the shots, but at the same time not being selfish with it. I did my best to lead them. I'm not going to be selfish when I'm on the court. If I'm missing, I make sure I find an open player. And no matter how I play, as long as my team is doing well, that's all that matters."

On her ball handling skills...
"Being a senior, I value the ball playing in the one and the two [positions]. It just goes with me being a senior; I've got to lead along with the upperclassmen. I know that I can't have a lot of turnovers. I have to take care of the ball and just set an example for the younger ones."


Head Coach Greg Williams

Opening Statement...
"First of all, I want to say congratulations on an outstanding team. I've known Kim Mulkey for a long time, my career goes back with her when she was a player at Louisiana Tech. She was a tremendous competitor as a player and she has brought that here. I just marvel at what she has done here.

On Odyssey Sims...
"Too much Odyssey, she actually outscored us at halftime. She had six more points than our whole team at halftime. At least our team outscored her at the end of the game, and she lived up to everything that has been said about her."

On how Baylor looks without Brittney Griner...
"They have got a lot of really great players who have waited their turn and a lot of really good freshmen who are contributing, and that's what Kim [Mulkey] has done. She has sustained the program. I think this team in their heart-of-hearts wants to prove some things to some people and say, ` hey, we're still a good basketball team here at Baylor.' Yeah, that senior class was incredible but they want to make their own legacy and are off to a great start. As young as they are, as soon as they get more experience, you know, you're only as good as your guard play and they have one of the best point guards in the country."



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